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21 Santa in Plane (Baby Santa's Music Box)
22 Hippo/Elephant Puppet Show (Baby Noah)
23 Kinetic Sculptures (Baby Bach) Kinetic Sculptures (Baby Bach)

These things gave me one nightmare, mainly on the end.

24 Jack-in-the-box (Baby Van Gogh) Jack-in-the-box (Baby Van Gogh)
25 Jane the Monkey Jumpscare Jane the Monkey Jumpscare

So creepy that Jane popped up out of nowhere and I got so scared that I had nightmares of her popping up on the screen.

26 Possessed Van Gogh (Baby Van Gogh)

At the beginning of baby van Gogh he comes out with paint all over his face

27 Possessed Reindeer with Sprinkles (Baby Santa's Music Box)
28 Bedroom Scene (Baby Wordsworth)
29 Dog Puppet Licking the Screen (Neighborhood Animals)

Darn, this moment scared me when I was little. At the beginning, there is a puppet show, and at the end of the puppet show, the dog licks the screen. - Tyabcd

30 Green Barn Owl from the Bird Music Video (Neighborhood Animals)
31 Dog Puppet (Baby Mozart)

I always cried about it when I was a baby

32 Horse Puppet Eating Flower (Numbers Nursery)

There was a video called "Flower Murder" where a baby was watching numbers nursery on a laptop and the horse and the flower puppet show came on and when he ate the flower, the baby threw a HUGE MELTDOWN! And the mom was trying to calm down the baby. Plus, this video came with a disclaimer saying: Parental advisory: content may not be suitable for babies under 6 months old, due to graphic drama and/or violence to a flower.

33 Giraffe Cone Puppet (World Animals)

This cone puppet was nightmare fuel for me when I was young. I was horrified of this disturbing kazoo voiced nightmare giraffe I got so scared to the point were I decided to not watch it anymore. Right now I've grown out of this drama. But when watching it today,I still get a little afraid inside.

When I was 2 years old, I got a nightmare where is was in a haunted, old room, the lights were off, and the T.V was off, then I heard a kazoo sound, and then the Giraffe Cone Puppet found me and it tried to kill me! - PBSDoink2002

34 Wind Up Walking Body Parts (Baby Da Vinci)

If I ever see the walking ear or the walking nose, I feel like going to hide in another place so I can stay away from those creepy things.

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