Top Ten Creepiest Characters from Recess


The Top Ten

1 Geoffery

Who has a crush on Gretchen? - mimimelon987

2 Mikey

Your voice is creepy - mimimelon987

3 Muriel Finster

Spinelli should just punch Finster in the face her voice is so annoying - mimimelon987

4 The Ashleys

Scandalous Scandalous Scandalous... Poor rest of the playground - mimimelon987

5 Randall

Jeez Randall. Bring your own cookies for Spinellis sake. Just get to it Spinelli - mimimelon987

6 TJ Detweiler

No kid is that obsessed with recess - mimimelon987

7 Gretchen Grundler

Annoying voice, not as annoying as Mikey's but still is annoying. And your too nerdy. - mimimelon987

8 Gus Griswald

Spinelli has a lower voice than you Griswald. Hit puberty you female dog - mimimelon987

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9 Prickly
10 Stinky Peterson

The Contenders

11 Lawson

Voice is annoying and get some better comebacks - mimimelon987

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