Top 10 Creepiest/Most Disturbing Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Anyone who sees these will stop saying "children's card game"

Note that monsters, spells, and traps are all allowed

The Top Ten

1 Parasite Paraside (OCG)

That thing scared me so bad for a very long time - DarkShadows

2 Final Flame (OCG)

It shows someone being burned to death in a torture device. What more to say? - DarkShadows

3 Relinquished

Not only does he look creepy, but then there's his effects - DarkShadows

4 Amorphage Lysis

This is very gruesome. It shows 2 amorphage monsters (disturbing on their own) MELTING. And it was left uncensored for the TCG - DarkShadows

5 The Wicked Worm Beast

It looks like a worm controlling a corpse. Yuck - DarkShadows

6 Premature Burial

As a kid, this freaked me out. I don't know which is worse, the face, or the twisted hand - DarkShadows

7 Outer Entity Nyarla

I don't even know how to describe this thing - DarkShadows

8 Metamorphosis

Just disturbing. You WILL shudder thinking about how exactly your monster becoming a totally different one looks - DarkShadows

9 Il Blud

It wouldn't be that bad if not for that rip in his chest which has a giant insane face inside - DarkShadows

10 Dark King of the Abyss

His face looks scary, as well as the darkness of the background. Mind Drain does not help at all - DarkShadows

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