Top Ten Creepiest Kids Movies

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1 Return to Oz


2 The Witches

I watched this movie as a kid. But believe it or not it didn't scare me. - nintendofan126

3 The Secret of NIMH
4 The Dark Crystal

I can see how this could scare kids from the 80s. There's a ton of death, and when I say a ton, I mean that pretty much everyone dies. The vulture lizard hybrid monster things could also scare kids a bunch. Jim Henson has a light imagination and a dark imagination. This came from his dark imagination. - RaccoonCartoon

5 The NeverEnding Story
6 Coraline

Real scary. There's so many dark secrets hidden in this movie which you don't notice the first time you watch it. That's what my sis liked about it. You notice something new each time you watch it. It's also a great movie to make theories about. - RaccoonCartoon

This movie scared me so much when I was a kid. - pandagirl

7 Labyrinth

It's very similar to The Dark Crystal, but that one is probably scarier. - RaccoonCartoon

8 Watership Down

Welcome to Britain, kid. Want to sit down and watch a movie about dead rabbits? - RaccoonCartoon

The visions Fivel had were just horrifying and terrified me as a kid

9 The Peanut Butter Solution
10 Little Monsters

Can't make a movie like this today.

Everything about it is cruel, execept for Rick Ducommun.

The Contenders

11 Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

So creepy it's on here twice!

For some reason, I was scared of it but didn't know why. (The new one as well)
It made me feel weird when I watched it, like it was a drug trip or something. - RaccoonCartoon

12 Dumbo

The drug scene with the elephants was freaky. - RaccoonCartoon

13 The Lion King

Not really creepy. The whole ''circle of life'' thing with the death would've probably scared kids, but this is the 19th century, where no one gives a crap. - RaccoonCartoon

14 Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
15 Where the Wild Things Are

Ah, yes. A movie about giant monsters living in a forest. Lovely for kids. - RaccoonCartoon

16 Something Wicked This Way Comes
17 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
18 Monster House

This scared me so much when I was 7. Jokingly, about 5 years later we decided to re watch it again. Me and my sis weren't really scared, but we were all thinking ''WHAT THE HELL!? '' and ''HOW DID KIDS WATCH THIS!? ". - RaccoonCartoon

19 The Nightmare Before Christmas
20 The Monster Squad
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