Top 10 Creepiest Lost Cartoon Episodes

If you dare to read or watch one of these episodes, then get ready to have your childhood ruined. You have been warned.

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21 Ren Seeks Help (Ren & Stimpy)

You will never look at Ren the same way again. - egnomac

It's funny because this episode's real

22 Why? (Peppa Pig)
23 Dawn of the Dread (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987))

Leonardo, the best of the tmnt, all alone, surrounded by demons, going crazy to the point of punching himself in the head causing possible brain damage, if you read it, it WILL make you cringe.

Cringing, I was scared for Leonardo.

Cringing, Poor Leonardo.

24 The Lost Fleischer Superman Episode

Join Team Batman!

Joseph Stalin: That's it I'm going with Batman!

Why, Superman, WHY?

25 Dead Mung (Chowder)

Wait Chowder has a lost episode

26 Red Mist (Continuation)

Firstly This is another continuation of this BOOTLEG
Mostly,squidword was going to the stage performing his Flute I mean CLARINET But the crowd hated it Squidward the felony was crying in his house Again Saying DO IT Well squidward shot a bullet in his I wont tell it cause its very unusual He was turning sloppy,Head was broken teeth broken in blood and sadly,the head. Lol anyways we can also see a Scary


Anyways it was a scary picture of the red mist,
Rip Howard 2016-BOBOBOIšŸ˜Ž

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