Top 10 Creepiest Moments Between the Earthbound Series and Undertale


The Top Ten

1 Giygas Battle from Earthbound
2 Encountering the Amalgamates in Undertale
3 Dr. Andonuts' Magicant from Radiation's Halloween Hack
4 Genocide Run from Undertale
5 Mu Training from Earthbound
6 Tanetane Island Mushroom Hallucinations from Mother 3
7 Moonside from Earthbound
8 Meeting the Magypsies in Mother 3
9 Happy-Happy Village from Earthbound
10 Masked Man Second Encounter from Mother 3

The Contenders

11 Encountering the Phaze Destrortur in Radiation's Halloween Hack
12 "Weird Opponent" and "Unsettling Opponent" battle themes from Earthbound
13 Flowey's Omega transformation from Undertale
14 Encountering quite a few of the Chimeras in Mother 3, most especially the horse-related ones
15 Whenever Sans makes his eye sockets hollow and empty in Undertale
16 Entering the Dungeon Man in Earthbound
17 Ultimate Chimera Lab from Mother 3
18 Encountering Vegetoids and Knight Knights in Undertale
19 Heartless Hotel from Earthbound
20 Talking to Burgerpants in Undertale
21 Oxygen Machines from Mother 3
22 Encountering the Desire Dog and the Amalgamates in Radiation's Halloween Hack
23 Meeting Porky in Mother 3
24 The Memory Bosses (especially the Phaze Destrortur) from Radiation's Halloween Hack
25 Beauty & Tasty and Dur-T Cafe restaurants from Mother 3
26 Eerie Smile from Mother 3
27 Doomed Winters from Radiation's Halloween Hack
28 Flowey's and Alphys' constant stalking of Frisk in Undertale
29 Fighting giant piles of vomit with faces in Earthbound
30 Encountering Shyren, Woshua and Jerry in Undertale
31 Fassad's multiple reconstructions from Mother 3
32 Being chased by Undyne in Undertale
33 Encountering the Lil' Big Bro in Mother 3
34 Living Heiroglyphs in Earthbound
35 People being locked into brainwashing Matrix capsules in all three of the Mother games
36 "Stringent" and "Accelerondo" battle themes from Mother 3
37 Muffet's pet from Undertale
38 Forlorn Junk Heap from Mother 3
39 "Magic Cake" from Earthbound
40 Haunted Threed from Earthbound
41 Cave Of The Past from Earthbound
42 Encountering Giegue in Earthbound Zero
43 When you first get abducted by Toriel in a blind playthrough of Undertale
44 Undyne's death in Undertale
45 Asgore's coffin reseved specifically for you in Undertale
46 Revisiting Onett in Radiation's Halloween Hack
47 Deep Darkness from Earthbound
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