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1 River Twygz Bed And Its "Music" - Super Paper Mario

With the River Twygz being based of the River Styx and the Underworld from Mythology, the River Twygz Bed and its location, the Underwear, had to be at least a little spooky. But Nintendo goes full out disturbing with disembodied hands and possibly the creepiest 'music' I've EVER heard, video game or not. Oh, and the 'music' features eerie notes and reversed voices. The music is hilarious for trolling people with at Halloween though!

Creepier than any horror movie... this "music" comes directly from hell

Come for a swim...

There's an ever creepier version of this where you hear what are they saying...
"Save us, please! "
"I can't..."
"The Ancients led us..."
"I'm not your daddy! "
The version is called "River Twygz Bed (cleaned up for voices)"
Hope you sleep this night. - TopTener

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2 Giygas Battle - Earthbound Giygas Battle - Earthbound

I was hesitant to even PLAY Earthbound just because of THIS ONE GUY... - RoleplayerR

Why he is the scariest thing ever? he is the scariest childhood trauma fetus for me!

3 Warden Crawls Back Into His Mother's Womb - House Of The Dead: Overkill

Isn't House of the Dead made by Sega?

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4 Saddler's Transformation - Resident Evil 4

This is Capcom - LarkwingFlight

Because Nintendo totally made Resie...

5 The True Lab - Undertale


6 Spoiled Rotten Suddenly Goes Completely Insane Without Warning - Wario Land 4
7 Golden Diva Battle - Wario Land 4
8 Entering Bionis' Interior - Xenoblade Chronicles
9 SA-X Encounters - Metroid Fusion
10 Elder Princess Shroob's Transformation - Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time

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11 Link Screaming In Pain During His Mask Transformations - Majora's Mask
12 Final Dracula Battle - Symphony Of The Night
13 Mimi's Transformation - Super Paper Mario

Mimi is the creepiest villain in Super Paper Mario. She breaks her neck while smiling, carnival sound effects in the background, and the worst part is she's a child. - theendoftime

14 Francis Dates Peach - Super Paper Mario
15 Genocide Run - Undertale

Not a Nintendo game. - LarkwingFlight

16 The Future - Chrono Trigger

Square Enix, not Nintendo. - LarkwingFlight

17 Link's Triforce Hallucinations - Twilight Princess
18 Hand In The Toilet - Majora's Mask
19 Elegy Of Emptiness Statues - Majora's Mask
20 Bad Endings - Wario Land 4
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1. River Twygz Bed And Its "Music" - Super Paper Mario
2. Giygas Battle - Earthbound
3. Warden Crawls Back Into His Mother's Womb - House Of The Dead: Overkill



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