Top 10 Creepiest Nickelodeon Show Episodes

The Top Ten Creepiest Nickelodeon Show Episodes

1 Dark Harvest - Invader Zim

I find it odd that people consider this to be the creepiest Invader Zim episode. I think the creepiest Invader Zim episode is Bad Bad Rubber Piggy, with the way that Zim tries to slowly destroy Dib, and watching Dib become increasingly debilitated as the episode progresses.

Zim steals kids organs to make himself appear more human and that's pretty much the whole episode it's amazing this episode got made at all as it sounds like the plot to an R rated horror movie. - egnomac

2 The Puppetmaster - Avatar: The Last Airbender

This episode is just beyond creepy after Aang and the other meet a creepy old woman Hama who actually turns out to be a water bender like Katara but of course she has a dark secret as she has the ability to control others through blood bending after she nearly kills Aang and Sokka Katara is forced to use Hama's own technique against her though she's defeated she has already accomplished her goal of passing down the art of blood bending to Katara. - egnomac

3 Angelica's Worst Nightmare - Rugrats

Angelica finds out that her parents might be having another baby and worries that they will be more focused on the new baby and forget all about her later she has a nightmare in which that very scenario plays out and the new baby turns out to be a real monster of a baby threating her to leave or else when he finds her again he attempts to make good on his threat eventually growing to a massive size and tries to eat Angelica, and of course she wakes up just in time and lucky for her, her parents aren't having the baby after all. - egnomac

4 Headless Cabbie - Hey Arnold

Arnold tell the gang a truly horrifying ghost story of the Headless Cabbie and just like in Haunted Train everything in the story plays out exactly as they're walking through the park to get Ice Cream eventually coming across the Headless Cabbie and the horrible laughing ghost lady only for it to be Ernie and Mr. Hyuhn who just happens to have a very creepy laugh why they're there in the first place remains a mystery but as the episode ends after Ernie drops off the boys and Mr. Hyuhn he comes across none other than the actual ghost of the horrible laughing ghost lady. - egnomac

5 The Tale of Laughing in the Dark - Are You Afraid of The Dark?

Just simply because the story just happens to involve a kid being haunted by the ghost of creepy clown Zeeboo after he steals his nose to win a bet makes it all the more creepy, if your terrified of clowns than this may not be the episode for you. - egnomac

6 Interview with a Campfire - All Grown Up!
7 CatDogula - CatDog

That is not scary! I wached it twice! - 😂

8 Arnold Visits Arnie - Hey Arnold

Arnold visits his weird cousin Arnie at his home where me meets with all of Arnie's friends who creepily resemble Arnold's friends only with different personality's but things take a turn for the worst near the end of the episode when Arnie accuses Arnold of trying to steal his girlfriend Lulu who resembles Lila who's been flirting with him throughout the episode and his face turns into a monster like the Evil Twin from the movie they watched earlier and all of Arnie's friend also join in creepily chanting fight, fight, fight but luckily for Arnold the whole thing turned out to be nothing more than a nightmare. - egnomac

9 Graveyard Shift - Spongebob Squarepants

Another really creepy episode after Mr. Krabs decides to open the Krusty Krab 24 hours he forces both SpongeBob and Squidward to work the graveyard shift while he leaves for the night talk about selfish, in order to pass the time Squidward tells SpongeBob a phony story of the Hash-Slinging Slasher after SpongeBob freaks out thinking its true Squidward tell him he made the whole thing up but everything in his story starts to creepily come true. - egnomac

10 Under Chuckie's Bed - Rugrats

Chuckie gets a new bed and to his horror a creepy monster is living under his bed who actually talks to him. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Sleepless in Retroville - Adventures of Jimmy Neutron
12 Ghost Bride - Hey Arnold
13 That's Life - Fairly Oddparents
14 Squid's Visit - Spongebob Squarepants
15 Stimpy's Fan Club - The Ren & Stimpy Show
16 Leap Frogs - Rocko's Modern Life
17 Doug's Halloween Adventure - Doug
18 Sven Hoek - The Ren & Stimpy Show
19 Teeth for Two - CatDog
20 Fishing For Trouble - CatDog
21 Meat, Dog's Friends - CatDog
22 One Coarse Meal - SpongeBob Squarepants
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