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21 Demolishin Doofus

Because it shows ms. Puff wanting spongebob to be killed for good.

What? Why isn't Spongehenge in the top ten?

The message in this one is beyond terrible. Teaching kids that revenge and wanting to kill is fine. Ok Nickelodeon. Ok.

The only thing that's creepy about this episode is the fact SpongeBob didn't die at all. Well, he deserves to after all the cr*p that he put Mrs. Puff through. I honestly wish that pufferfish killed that sponge and all of her haters for giving her too much trouble.

22 Procrastination

The whole nightmare sequence is horrifying. Certainly one of the scariest episodes of the original three seasons.

That chair was so creepy! The whole episode...time's up spongebob

The chair part was just...creepy

This is Scary. Espesually when the house said "STOP WASTING TIME! "

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23 The Inside Job

I like this episode, but it's for reasons I might get in trouble for. - Chikinan

24 Planet of the Jellyfish

This was such a good, hilarious, and creepy episodes. One of my favorites

This was a reference to the movie alien

I had some nightmares

AGGH! +++ actually not scared.

25 SB-129

The episode is so scary with Squidward being stuck in a freezer for 2000 years with no one noticing him. Squidward gets trapped in a lonely void leading to insanity and when he gets back to the present the other Squidward is still there

The Purgatory/Limbo scene was terrifying, It creeps me out to this day.

Imagine hearing voices I mean it don't get creepier than that does it? - htoutlaws2012

Actually this episode was right behind the best of season one, ARGH! Was awesome

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26 Squid's Day Off

His face scard me

27 Ghost Host

He tried to scare Sponge so much! I hated that part where he kept transforming. I think the episode was banned because I haven't seen reruns for it in a while

Ugh! This episode is pretty creepy! I haven't seen any reruns of in a while! (I think it might be banned. )

Yes I hate this episode an won't let my son watch it either it's the scariest episode ever!

How could this episode get banned. It isn't even scary. My 3rd favorite spongebob episode. - Alien51

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28 Plankton's Pet

This is disturbing I hate this episode

I don't think plankton's pet is that discusting

It's fine by me. I saw it 3 times and it's OK - redhawk766

This episode is ok

29 The Splinter

This episode is about SpongeBob splintering his hand at the Krusty Krab. What could go wrong, right? SpongeBob's splinter is a massive, swollen, red, and disturbing splinter with green ooze coming out. It definitely is disturbing.

Very disturbing and disgusting. How is this even legal on a kids show? - Powerfulgirl10

This episode is gross. Patrick makes things worst, too. - RaccoonCartoon

No, really. I had my eyes covered all the time I spent watching this. When SpongeBob gets that splinter pulled out, it oozes with pus. How is this legal?! - redhawk766

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30 I Had An Accident

The fact that the gorilla was animated pushed me off the brink. I firmly believe getting a guy in a gorilla suit to beat down on three of our most beloved cartoon characters of all time was too much. Not to mention the all-too frightening close-ups of the gorilla's face. What were ya THINKIN', Hillenberg!?

I loved the gorilla, but I can see why you're scared of it. - RaccoonCartoon

The creepy gorilla beating up SpongeBob and friends and the creepier ending with real people. Definitely creeped me out as a kid.

I saw this episode when I was three years old and it gave me nightmares with gorrila scene. when I was 8 I saw this on the season 3 dvd and it dindnt scare. the scariest moment because it looked so real and the jump scare

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31 Gary Takes a Bath

It is not scary, but the part where SpongeBob is like,"I will blow your mind..." It shows a photo of that creepy lady that laughs. I mean look at that! Her face is creepy!

I was crying from the subliminal message lady's face and creepy laugh when I was ELEVEN! That's saying something!

Subliminal Message Girl. Enough said. - Turkeyasylum

This episode is creepy for 2 reasons.
1. Subliminal Message Girl.
2. Dirty Joke. - RaccoonCartoon

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32 Squeaky Boots

The sounds are annoying and kind of creepy. At the part where SpongeBob said to Mr. Krabs, he said that he lost his boots and went to the kitchen and layed his face on the grill, this is the creepiest part. The customer said that he wants a squeak for 2 times. It was doing that for about like 25 seconds. Very creepy sounds and how does Mr. Krabs acts like. Look at him. He chopped is legs off...

The squeak really annoys me, but beside that I really like this episode, so I'm watching it more so that I'll get used to the squeak and enjoy the episode more

I can still hear the squeak ringing in my years forever

It seems old Mr krabs is on drugs

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33 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?

Is this the one with 'that face'? Because if so, this should be higher than 24.

The part where he runs away from those creepy things, possibly cannibals, at night combined with the music made that part of the episode scary.

This epsoide a funny and creppy hi

34 Don't Look Now

Yeah this epsoides a little creppy

35 Night Light

The floating head is just disturbing.

I kind of agree on night light

36 Boating Buddies

This deserves to be high on the list because of how much SpongeBob creeps Squidward out. Boy, would I like to see that octopus kill that sponge and all of his (Squidward's) haters?

Ugh that creepy face SpongeBob makes

Ugh that creepy face sponge on makes

38? only 38? this must be 1

37 FrankenDoodle

This episode scared me, I don't know why but it gave me horrible nightmares:/

Why is this not higher? That thing was awful

This episode terrified me as a kid.

38 Nasty Patty

I can't believe no one found this scary! After SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs thought that they murdered someone, they actually attempted to bury the body. It was disturbing if anything.

This one should be way higher

This one is about a health inspector being murdured isn't it?

39 Code Yellow

That nose close up though! - Tyler730

40 The Camping Episode The Camping Episode
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