Top Ten Creepiest SpongeBob SquarePants Moments


The Top Ten

1 Butterfly Close Up (Wormy)

One of my favorite episodes, but I cringe when this moment occurs. - Garythesnail

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2 Squidward Visits SpongeBob (Squid's Visit)
3 Mutant Flesh Blob (SquidBob TentaclePants)
4 Disturbing Face (WhoBob WhatPants)

This should be number one

5 Close Up Splinter (The Splinter)

Ow, painful and a scary experience!
Scare Factor: High, possibly misery level. - Mariomaster63

6 All Faces (Face Freeze)

Pats was the funniest. - Connor360

7 Sandy Goes Insane (Bubble Troubles)
8 Toenail Scene (House Fancy)

I thought this would be number 1 - PatrickStar

9 Spongebob's Face (What Ever Happened To Spongebob?)

This is already on the list

10 Subliminal Message Girl (Gary Takes a Bath)

Hey! She has Subliminal Messages in her name! - SubliminalMessages

The Contenders

11 Mr. Krabs Searches SpongeBob's House (Penny Foolish)
12 Squidward "Attempts" Suicide (Are You Happy Now?)
13 Abominable Sea Mollusk (Freeze Face Off)

Really Nick, just why do you put a Claymation Character in a SpongeBob episode... Right? Just put it in 2D form Now. This is getting me insane?!?

14 Plankton Attempts Suicide (One Coarse Meal)

Scare Factor: Misery, severe torment. - Mariomaster63

15 "Even Closer than Brothers" (Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?)
16 Spongebob Dries Up (House Sittin for Sandy)


17 "I've been waiting for you!" (Bummer Vacation)
18 Spongebob And Mr Krabs Attempt To Bury The Health Inspector (Nasty Patty)
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