Top 10 Creepiest Things in Classic Disney Movies

Is it just me? Or have Disney movies mainly ones from 1937-1967 have some pretty creepy things in them. Here are ten of those things. And this list is a perspective of when I was a little kid.

The Top Ten

1 The End Cards

Ugh, these things scared me crapless as a kid. I don't know why, the orchestra music at the end, the way darkness would happen after the, “the end” title cards, or something. These also led to me having nightmares as a kid because of these things. - RadioHead03

I just remembered one the end title card that used to scare me as a kid. It was for the 1959 Shaggy Dog movie in color. The, “The End” card scared me as well as the clay dog as well. Screw that dog man. Also, I forgot to mention about the “The End” cards at the end of those Mickey Mouse cartoons. Those are the ones that gave me the nightmares the most. - RadioHead03

2 Extremely Over Dramatic Close Ups

These tend to happen in a lot of classic Disney movies. Cruella’s face, Showing what’s left of Malificent after the battle, Rabbit lost in the woods, Snow White running though the woods. So many creepy moments. - RadioHead03

3 Moments Where No One Does Anything in the Background

These always kind of creeped me out as a kid. I would always ask myself, why aren't the people moving? - RadioHead03

Not sure, but I think I've read before that old Disney cartoons were hand-drawn. Since it was hand-drawn, people in charge of drawing the scenes would have a harder time if they made the background characters move. And so, they only made the important characters move. - Misfire

4 Real Life Books Opening, and Closing

This was cool at the time, but freaked me out a little bit at the time. - RadioHead03

5 On Screen Deaths

This was at the time where no one absolutely didn't give a crap about anything, and decided to go to an extra mile with their scenes. - RadioHead03

6 Surprise Jumpscare Openings

Your sitting down, waiting for the movie to start when all of a sudden, you hear this loud bombastic music straight in your face, and to your ears. What the heck man, way to startle your viewers! - RadioHead03

7 Extreme Closeups on Faces

This would give the face a glare, or something. That was a nice touch, but they make it a little creepy. - RadioHead03

8 Winnie the Pooh Winking at You at the End of the Movie

Hey. That kinda rhymes. - EvanTheNerd

This scared me when I was a kid. I didn't like a stuffed Pooh Bear winking at me. - RadioHead03

9 Pissed Off Faces

Example: Honest John from Pinocchio. - RadioHead03

10 Dark Endings

Or in Fantasia - iliekpiez

Example: The ending of that Sleepy Hollow cartoon where Ichabod dies at the end, and his hat is remaining, or that one cartoon with that whale (I don't remember what it’s called.) Getting shot by a hunter with a hook, while doing Opera. These were some dark endings. - RadioHead03

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