The Top 10 Creepiest Things to Hear Before You Die

The people, and or things on this list let people know they were about to die in one of the scariest ways possible. Which one creeped you out the most?

The Top Ten

1 Omar from the Wire -The Farmer in the Dell Whistle!

Oh, Sh*** it's Omar! And, everyone runs! Who would have ever thought "The Farmer in the Dell" could become something so terrifying. You hear this whistle, and there is no doubt. About the biggest B.A. ever is coming for you-and there's nothing you can do! - Snowlen

2 Alex in Clockwork Orange "Singin' in the Rain"

Absolute atrocities occur when Alex sings this happy tune. What a way to go. One would never expect, it, and be un-nerved, and afraid until their inevitable end! - Snowlen

3 Elle Driver -The Kill Bill Whistle

We all know it, and can recite it. It's just creepy, and not just because of the one eyed sociopath whistling it. It's what she's bringing to you, and she's letting you know! - Snowlen

This was my ringtone at one point. I don't know why I ever changed it - Jonerman

4 1408 - "We've Only Just Begun."

Terrifying. In this Stephen King adapted film, 1408, John Cusack sets himself up in what Samuel L. Jackson warns him to be, "An evil F'ing Room! " It all starts with some freaky things and then the song plays, "We've only just begun..." The Carpenters never sounded so ominous. - Snowlen

5 The 'ting-ting' of Hector "Tio" Salamancas Bell on his Wheelchair

This Breaking Bad Villain could not speak, could not really move on his own. Yet, his face said it all. And when he wanted to be heard, he'd chime that bell. And everyone knew-they were in for some sh**! Just a bell being tapped, yet it means death for a Crime Lord like Gus! Gripping! - Snowlen

6 "1-2-Freddys Coming For You!"

Nightmare on Elm St! It's not 1-2 Buckle My Shoe, anymore! "1-2 Freddys coming for you. 3-4 Better lock your door. 5-6 grab a crucifix. 7-8 gonn'a stay up late. 9-10 never sleep again! " Tell me that's not unsettling. Especially when you're doing your best not to sleep for fear of a dream-state, yet very real, bloodbath! - Snowlen

But Freddy...You see, No use now. - Ananya

7 Dueling Banjos in Deliverance!

The Dillards made this song popular in the '60's, and still to this day, you sing this tune, and everyone remembers that scene... Still to this day considered to be one of the most horrific, and unsettling scenes in cinematic history. Banjos were never so torturous! - Snowlen

8 "Greensleeves"

The traditional folk ballad has always had a somewhat sinister feel to it. Rumored to have first come from Henry the VIII. Dark, and folksy, Sons of Anarchy recently added to the unique, unsettling nature of the song with their episode in Season 7 by the same name. The song plays out hauntingly w/ Katey Sagals voice shadowing over a torture scene w/ one of everyones most beloved character. Haunting is most deffinitely the right word. - Snowlen

9 The Rolling Stones - "Time is on My Side."

The movie Fallen starring Denzel Washington made this one scary enough to not forget. The Demon Azazel takes on Denzel, possessing others and making them serial killers. Yet, when the killers are sentenced to death, the demon moves on to the next living body, making it the same. Always reminding out hero, Denzel, that time truly is on his side! - Snowlen

10 Nicki Minaj's Voice

Shut up I love Minaj! - BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah

God no. - PatrickStar3

Depending on the song...some are OK.

The Contenders

11 There is no life in the void. Only death - Sauron

From The Lord of the Rings.

12 The Halloween Theme

When there are no words, no lyrics, and yet you still know it note by note-the tune has affected you. And this effect is, "something bad is about to happen! " You can run, but if this tune is playing-the character is done. We all hope we never have to hear it when we are alone at night. - Snowlen

13 Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold
14 Baby by Justin Bieber

Good hater gone.

My ears would bleed as I die.

15 "So...cold..."

Cold chill my bones!

16 Kim by Eminem
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