Top Ten Creepiest Things In Your School

There are worst, best, and hardest things in school. But what about creepiest? Well this is the list for you so here it is.

The Top Ten

1 A student that stares at you all day

* shudder* that will be very scary.

2 Your rusty old locker

Yes this is number 1 because if you see a messed up and old dusty rusty locker. You will be scared for life because you're afraid it's evil.

3 Students that live next to a cemetery

That will be creepy because if you see a student that lives next to a cemetary. You will never sit next to that student ever and the bus driver will never pick him or her up.

I live next to a cemetery, well, I live in a neighborhood next to it. - Aknn

I'm offended, I live close to a cemetery... - DerpyPolarBear

4 Your librarian

Don't trust them THEY'RE EVIL!

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5 A giant wasp flying around in your classroom

That's scary because if a wasp that's bigger then the queen wasp fly into your room. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

I'd kinda love for this to happen. 2 reasons. First, I love wasps. Second, some of my friends are REAL scaredy cats. It'll be hilarious when they're really, truly, concentrating in the middle of a test and suddenly a wasp landed on their work sheet - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

My class gone berserk and the teacher told to ignore it

I am terrified of wasps! - Pegasister12

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6 A dead animal next to or under your principal's desk

That's creepy because a principal will teach those animals not to mess with there school.

7 The lunch lady

Like librarians DON'T TRUST THEM!

8 A dead rat in your locker

That will be a little scary.

9 An evil scientist in science class

Creepy because if a kid is a scientist teachers if you're there DON'T BRING THEM THERE! Because they might have an invention that will cause chaos in your school.

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10 Perverts

The Contenders

11 Darkness while it's dark outside

For those who are little or is afraid of the dark.

12 The kid that never talks

The reason why they don't talk because they have nothing to do.

There's a girl in my class named katia I don't think anyone knows what her voice sounds like🍍

That would be creepy. you don't know what they there are thinking. they could be plotting something evil against you

13 The student you hate
14 That one teacher
15 Girls obsessing over you

Teenage girls are to cute guys like zombies are to people with brains. - ethanmeinster

16 Psychotic murderous students
17 People who draw private parts on stuff
18 Algebra

Scarier than a wasp paying a visit to the class (which is actually hilarious). Lol - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

19 The ACT test


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