Ten Creepiest Things Ever

These are THE creepiest things I've ever done and quite possibly THE creepiest things anyone can do. Don't try these EVER (unless you want to be scared out of your wits.)

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1 Seeing Something Move Inhumanly Fast Out of the Corner of Your Eye

I'm gonna have to agree. Not that it move inhumanly fast, but I saw some kind of flying lizard or something in my house once. And my cat suddenly started coughing, and it almost sounded like he was being strangled (he's still alive). I know many of you won't believe you, but I swear on my life I saw this and I was never the same again. It was at night, too, and I almost had a heart attack.

its happened and that crap gave me a heart attack dude.

Man I don't find that scary at all, it has happened with me 3 or 4 times, I find it amusing lol!

It feels like the invisible man has turned against you, right?!

2 The Dark

Its not the dark its whats in the dark

Darkness is one of my favorite elements, but sometimes walking to a dark bathroom with a huge mirror after reading a horror story scare me a little

You never know what could happen what is happening or who is in the dark. But you can't run away.

Most are not afraid of the dark itself, but what's IN the dark.

3 Being In a Graveyard In the Middle of the Night

That is scary. Espicially if you see a lot of graves. Your surrounded by dead people.

I go here every October 25 juss to go say hi to my parents...effin freky eh?

Imagine zombies and ghosts surrounding you in the middle of the night, how scary would that be?

I did that once, it's so creepy. It's like ghosts are everywhere.

4 Glass

What glass lol? I don't know about that...but broken glass isn't good

How is glass scary?

Oh wow worse than being alone in the woods 🙄

5 Ghosts

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

If I saw a ghost I'd call Social Services.

My ghost...where'd you go?

I don't get the ear of ghosts at all. its pysically and humanely impossible for a something to be able to touch you but you can't touch it back

6 Staying Overnight In a Church

My dad's friend was a pastor, so I stayed there for a long time when I was younger because they had a meeting. Creepy.

Its ironic that this is considered scary but man being in a chruch in the middle of the night is surprizingly freaky. You never feel like your alone.

I've did this during a lock in and it wasn't that bad, yes I felt something in the halls but nothing too bad.

Your never alone in a church. It's creepy.

7 Being In Extremely Dense Woods by Yourself

What are you doing after you walk into the woods? You're walking out of the woods.

Your not scared of the dark you are scared of the things in it

What are you doing after walking into the woods? You're walking out of the woods.

Nah not really, well maybe if you're near the city.

8 Walking Through The Streets at Night With The Sound of Rattling Chains and Howling Dogs.

Scarier than spiders.

9 Blood

Actually, there is a lot of truth behind that, but some people like myself are not afraid of bodily fluids, blood is just another liquid.

I think some things aren't complete without blood and gore. Overly gory isn't good though

Hemophobia look it up

Thumbs down

10 Hotel / Apartment Hallways at Nighttime


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? Momo

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11 A Backmasked Song

YEAH... THIS THING SHOULD BE AT THE TOP. A song when blackmasked becomes really gross. And, sometimes you hear f***** up secret messages (relating to satan and stuff, blah blah bla) and it's really disgusting.. YUCK!

12 Stompeez
13 Revolution 9

I'm never listening to it again!

I've heard creepier songs.

Turn me on dead man... turn me on dead man... turn me on dead man... turn me on dead man

14 Dolls / Mannequins

Yes, dolls can be very creepy. Especially when they're haunted/possessed. But even dolls that aren't possessed can seem creepy and give you chills.

I used to have porcelain dolls but I got rid of them because when I went in my room I always got a feeling I was being watched

If you read the creepypasta "the expressionless" you will then know why I voted this.

15 Very Long Hair

Not all long-haired people are vengeful ghosts! (some female vengeful ghosts have long hair that cover their faces)

Would you rather have girls go bald then?

People with that honestly look very cool in my opinion.

Whew I have shoulder length hair unlike those fake popular girl's hair which is a clumpy mess of hair extensions and dye, so clusterbucked you can't tell what colour it is.

16 Mirrors

I was scared I couldn't be able to see myself and that I was cursed lol

They're the reason why when I was younger I always run like being chased by a devil after going into the bathroom lol

I just can't stare at a mirror in the night. I totally panic.
And I never watched a single horror movie...

If I look just 8 minutes or longer in the mirror I can't see me anymore

17 The Devil

The devil is scary only because he's a demon and that he burns you to death that's scary.

18 Teletubbies

Do u know if the story is true

19 Mr. Popo's Face

Who is this guy? I have no idea who or what he is, but I've seen it in some thumbnails on YouTube and it's pretty damn creepy.

He is dragon ball character

20 The True Lab Segment From Undertale

This is so unnerving. I dare you to do it at night by yourself the first time.

21 The Alphamalg Shipping From Undertale

Death in it's purist form.

22 Walking Through Your Neighborhood at 12 In the Morning
23 Obsessed Fandoms

Psychotic adventure time fans make me so sick!

24 Cursed Dolls
25 Black Magic

Should be first

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