Top 10 Creepiest Toys

Children love toys! But sometimes adults think that they're creepy, disturbing, or have hidden messages that they shouldn't have.

The Top Ten

1 Bear With Human Teeth Bear With Human Teeth

Literally a teddy bear with teeth. Ready to bite your face off! - RaccoonCartoon

2 Boobah Plushie Boobah Plushie

I actually had two of these when I was little - funnily enough they creep me out a lot more now than they did back in the day. - Entranced98

If you think Teletubbies is creepy, wait till you see this! - RaccoonCartoon

What... - TwilightKitsune

3 Facebank Facebank

A cube with a face which will eat coins.. Or whatever you put in it's mouth. - RaccoonCartoon

Two words: Nightmare Fuel - TwilightKitsune

That face though. - AlphaQ

4 Trolls Trolls
5 Dora The Explorer Pillow Pet Dora The Explorer Pillow Pet

I saw one of these in a claw machine. Whats creepy also, is this full size Dora pillow where everything had a face, that I hated. - Lucretia

Imagine if a grown man had one of these... - Aragorn98

It's pretty much a weird Dora body-pillow. Why's she on all 4s? - RaccoonCartoon

6 Jolly Chimp Jolly Chimp
7 T.T. Talking Bear T.T. Talking Bear

Bootleg Teddy Ruxpin. - RaccoonCartoon

8 Jack In The Box Jack In The Box
9 Baby Doll
10 Baby's First Baby

Babies can't give birth to babies it's messed up. - AlphaQ

The Newcomers

? Mr. Bucket

The Contenders

11 Rafiki Rafiki

The picture says it all doesn't it?

12 Lego Concentration Camp Lego Concentration Camp

This is a Nazi's wet dream - TwilightKitsune


Just so you know, this isn't a real toy, it's an ''art piece''... Modern art these days, right? Still deserves a place on the list, though. - RaccoonCartoon


13 Cabbage Patch Kids

Ate someone's hair or was that a different toy I don't know - Tyoshi

I loved these as a kid. I still have them - Lucretia

14 Baby Laugh a Lot
15 The Creeping Baby Doll
16 Bootleg Pooh Bear With Real Teeth
17 Ondine Swimming Dolls
18 Kewpie Dolls
19 Little Miss No Name
20 Mini Guillotine

That sounds creepy enough... - Lucretia

21 Water Weenies
22 Kinder Surprise

Not creepy, but you never know what you're gonna find in these things. One lady found some pills! Luckily they were just medicine pills, but still! Another worrying fact is that Kinder Surprises were banned in a few countries because kids ate the whole thing without knowing there was a toy inside, and they were taken to hospital. - RaccoonCartoon

23 Old Furby
24 Bootleg Alien Winnie The Pooh

Just look at it! What IS that? - RaccoonCartoon

25 Teddy Ruxpin
26 Jamming Lammy Plushie
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