10 Top Creepiest Types of Natural Disasters

The Top Ten

1 Sinkholes

They get WAY too deep. - Vancedapurpleguy

They can go pretty far down. - InfinateSuperstorm

It's dark and creepy - Spiritualsavedboy

Its like being well you know

2 Tornadoes

How does it look like a snake? - Skullkid755

They look like a snake - Spiritualsavedboy

small ones - Spiritualsavedboy

3 Wildfires

It's hell on earth - Spiritualsavedboy

4 Earthquakes

It looks like everything is moving - Spiritualsavedboy

Really creepy

5 Tsunamis

It's a gaint thing of water - Spiritualsavedboy

6 Lightning Storms

It's dark then scary light shines - Spiritualsavedboy

7 Flashfloods

It can happen to you - Spiritualsavedboy

8 Hurricanes
9 Landslides

Falling rocks - Spiritualsavedboy

10 Acid Rain

The Contenders

11 Ice Storms
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