Creepiest Vocaloid Songs

I heard about 50 million creepy vocaloid songs but what do you think?
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1 The Spider and the Kitsune Like Lion

Honestly, I think fear garden is creepier but this one is insanely creepy as well.
Seriously, I feel physically sick every time I read the lyrics.

I didn't even watch the video, but I looked up the lyrics in English. That's terrifying enough. Gumi eats miku but gets turned on by it... So disturbing, disgusting, scary, creepy, and any other word you could come up with. Is this related to the fox's wedding? It's quite similar.

XD you could had picked a better song than this it,s not even scary it,s just disgusting it,s about people who eat each other like really it happens every day you could do better like echo (poler disorder) Calaini (a ture story about a young girl with terrifying hallucinations) teratoma (the teratoma tumor that will eat your organs and blood with teeth) but no it had to be this to be the top 1

When I listened to this song for the first time, it made me physically sick. I mean, death and murder are pretty common in creepier Vocaloid songs, but getting sexual pleasure from torture and cannibalism is sickening. >.< I went into it thinking, "Pshhh, this won't be too bad." I was not ready. :C

2 Okaasan

Yes it,s spooky but really number 2 on the list it dosen,t even sound that great and it,s not scary most people don,t like it since our gave out vocaloid dies but really if you think Hatsune miku is important to you your a creep stalker and weirdo or a nitwit or willam.A if anything else your weird since I hate her we need scared songs than this

Okaasan (Mother) is really an extremely scary song! So I recommend that, if you are going to watch / listen to this song I suggest that you should be ready for something because when I listened to this song I instantly got paranoid for 3 weeks and this song has some scary sound effects on it even when you think of what is happening to Miku in her situation it feels disturbing when thinking about it. But, it has some great beats though! (from the start only it gets creepy and scary at the end)

I made a huge mistake in listening to this song. It is quite short but listening to it backwards (or forwards, but backwards is even creepier) you can hear distorted cries 'help me' 'thank you for watching' 'look behind you'. Each word is sung all warbled and odd and I felt like I was about to die from fear or something!
And now this song shows up in my recommendations after everything I listen to. Yes, even after Double Rainbow by Kaito.

This song is extremely creepy. It starts off with Miku telling us that her mother is coming, and it ends with Miku being caught by her mother, and her voice at the end sent shivers up my spine. At the end of the song, it has a horrific ripping sound, which implies that her mother has twisted her neck. This is the creepiest Vocaloid song ever created in my opinion, and I love it.

3 Gomen Ne Gomen Ne

I have a really strong stomach. This nauseated me. Especially the line "drinking up my amniotic fluid".

Y'all know what amniotic fluid is, right? It's that stuff that surrounds an unborn baby to protect it. When you take THAT into account, it's really sad as well as sickening.

The strange effects in the background and in between lyrics creep me to the max. The problem is this song gets stuck in your head waaay to easily, and it's not exactly the best song to go around singing. Kikuo has done it again, people!

The lyrics are creepy as hell, because otherwise you can just eat lunch to the nice tune... Unless you read them, you read it once, you can't forget them and goodbye lunch.

This song is the goriest of all the other vocaloid ones, seriously. The tune may not be disturbing or anything, but once you get to know the lyrics you realize how messed up this song is. Not a single detail about cutting open one’s body is ignored...

4 The Secrets of Wysteria

Agreed. I learned how to play it on my keyboard (it's less scary on there) but this video and song creeped me out. The reversed version, I had nightmares for a month. Nowdayz I always get nightmares (normally ends with Kanato or Reiji killing me but still) otherwise I just don't have a dream. This is much creepier than Sumbakkokjil (Hide and Seek) in my opinion

This song is absolutely terrifying. In a good way though. I have always LOVED creepy things and this song really deserves to be in at LEAST the top 10. The song has a creepy vibe to it and it's about a real serial killer! Oliver's voice sounds absolutely amazing singing this and it adds to the creepiness of the song. I was sitting in my living room and singing this song and everyone thought I was nuts. This song is very disturbing to listen to and I love it! The lyrics are just incredibly scary to listen to and the video along with it adds to the eeriness of the song. If you ever want to give someone a good scare I suggest walking down a dark hallway at night while playing this song and humming along to it. It takes quite a bit to scare me, but this song is pretty frightening. There are a lot of creepy Vocaloid songs out there (many of them sung by Oliver), but this one takes the poisoned cake.

The secrets of Wysteria was probably one of the most disturbing songs I've heard in the Vocaloid collection. One day, I decided to reverse the song and see how creepy it would be then. That's when I realized this song was based off of Albert Fish's killings. Definitely sent shivers down my spine. And when we completely ignore the lyrics, the music itself is rather terrifying.

Secrets of Wysteria holds so much meaning. This song is about a serial killer named Albert Fish who kills children between the ages of 3-9 or over. Albert Fish is also known as the "Werewolf of Wysteria"(how the song gots its name", "The Boogey Man", "Moon Maniac" and much more. He is a rapist, a cannibal and don't forget a serial killer! This song is also about a little girl named 'Gracie' and how she unfortanetly became one of his victims. At the end is a tape of what Albert Fish said played backwards. What also gives it another chill vibe is the background music and how Oliver sings it! Creepy...

5 50/50 - Hatsune Miku

It shows that Miku is very good friends with "Mari-Chan", and her being extremely jealous when she finds out that Mari-Chan has a boyfriend, and splits the boy in half, and it is extremely creepy, because she says that her and Mari-Chan "Go halvsies together"...

"Why is Mari-Chan crying? " Oh, I don't know, let me think! Oh yeah, that's because you CHAINSAWED HER BOYFRIEND IN HALF!

Best friends forever... Forever... FOREVER!
Yeah, this song doesn't get disturbing til about halfway through. It really eases into it and that totally adds to the creep factor. I still don't think it should be second on the list. But, I agree it has its right to be here.

Scariest part is where the song only just starts to get creepy when you don't fully expect it. As soon as that happened and I spotted what was in her hand I knew something was going to go wrong.

Mistake watching this without looking at the description or comments or not even knowing what it was about. AND at night. Welcome, Nightmares.

6 Ant Observation

Pfft get ready for the most laughable thing ever it,s about ants eatting a sandwich described as a human most people don,t like it since they think it,s a human getting eatting when it,s a sandwich like really come on

I laughed so hard at this song I thought it was funny I don't know why

I showed this to my cousin and her face was so funny

According to this one, I'm screwed. I hate ants.


even the most beautiful flowers have to eat and What it eat? the flesh and bones of corpses what lies under a beautiful face might be uglier than it seems and that beautiful face might be filled with death and despair within beneath the flower

What is this it,s a weird song it,s pretty but what is this about that what makes it scary is that I don,t know what this song is about

The name would never made me think this was going to be creepy. I was wrong, this is actually one of my favorite songs now, it's actually pretty nice to hear and all.

This should be at least the second or first creepiest song it's terrifying not annoying hell like levan polka it's just creppy no words

8 Crushed Mary

As a person with high anxiety, I was not prepared. I saw someone say that yuki sang a really disturbing song called " Crushed Mary' and I was so curious that I searched it up and watched it, at 12:00 am, and after 30 seconds I was done, and went to listen to ' Viva Happy' to cheer me up.

This is one of the most disturbing things I've listened to. The headphones make it even eerier and worse than it seems.

Its vibe is pretty disturbing it gives me a throbbing gristle kind of vibe from the music.

This gives me too much anxiety and it's literally so scary and uncomfortable.

9 Greetings from the Bottom of the Well

My theory is that Miku, Rin and Meiko were mentally and physically scarred by a traumatic childhood and decide to kill theirselves. They later are revived as ghosts who haunt the well that they drowned themselves in

This is real japanese unlike most songs by other producer's besides baruchan yea Baruchan is real japanese also instead of useing real japanese for most they make up random meanings for the Japanese word like we ashi instead of it being feet it,s it hurts but this song has no meaning to it

When you see water what do you do? Jump in and drown yourself? that what miku thinks and fun fact this happened right after Kimi as dekinai ko by the way she deserves it for ruining the utau,s fame and other vocaloids life by killing them OKAASAN IS A LIE!

I think the song's about a man who cheated with three women and then threw them in a well...

10 Jisatsu Shoujo - Hatsune Miku

I've looked on several YouTube videos of 'top ten most creepy Vocaloid songs' and never once saw this song. Most people wouldn't know this one. But for the people who have, they know full well how gruesome the lyrics are and how the video and the picture is goals for nausea. Songs like Bacterial Contamintation are only judged as creepy because of the video, but songs like this and Okaasan are both scary because of the picture and the lyrics. This one even has jump scares throughout the song.
The first time I watched this I was hyperventilating. I got a headache and a stomachache, somehow I just felt really sick. The next day I tried watching it again (I don't know why...) and got an amplified result. I'm about to watch it again (I am truly dumb) and I recommend it for a scare.

Although the song sounds creepy, the lyrics are extremely depressing. When Miku says "drug scandal rumour", she means that the other students are spreading lies about her being involved with some sort of drug scandal. She starts cutting and using other forms of serious self harm. She even tries to drown herself. She has written many songs about her scary experience, but nobody seems to care. She's being bullied over the phone, at school and basically everywhere she goes. the bullies even put a fake tongue in her mailbox to scare her. She is injured mentally (from the horrendous bullying) and physically (due to self harm). She actually mentions Len in the song a couple of times. This song made me HATE him, because it gives an idea that Len is the head bully. When she says "the desk long forest of flowers" it refers to a Japanese tradition that involves putting a flower on one's desk if the person has died. But if the person is still living, that means they want the person to die. In ...more

The first time watching it, I was about to vomit, and it's really hard to do that to me. The lyrics, the pictures, and oh my God the jump scares, they just made my heart beat faster and faster every second. I don't think I'm going to watch it again, though. I'm don't have a death wish :3

Everything about this song is designed to feel overwhelming. The picture, the lyrics, the animated parts but more than anything else, the noise. It's disconcerning and defies what music should be. A great show of DaijoubuP's talent.

The Contenders
11 Bacterial Contamination

Some people are scared of this just because of the video. The creepiest part at the very beginning lasts only for a little while and the rest of the video isn't all that creepy.
The lyrics are about a girl getting bullied and she gets 'contaminated' and darkened by all of this. She wants to spread the corruption to others.
The song ends with what I assume is the bullied girl ending her own life, when she collapses to the ground and lays there, unmoving, all the bacteria gone from her body.

Personally, I don't find this song as scary as I used to think it was. First time I saw it, Nightmare fuel but knowing what the songs means, It's more depressing than scary.
Calne Ca is telling about her being bullied at her school and all she wants to do is find revenge. We've all felt that way once. (Not physically making people suffer like what Calne did.)
That's why I don't find the song so creepy anymore, I look back at the video and at some points in the song and feel sympathetic for her.

This song is my jam. It displays creepy scenes and deep down depressing emotion. It's pretty creepy. If you're looking for nightmare fuel animation, look no further. Works great for an alarm because if it's pretty loud, you'll get up in less than 10 seconds.

The song does sound creepy at times, and the song is considered creepy because of the slight blood and animations in the song. But the song is actually about bullying, and all the images in the song are 'metaphors' of bullying. It actually sends a really deep message.

12 Song for Great Satan

Oh dear god! HELP ME GOD! THEY GOT THE TOPIC ALL WRONG! Well at least they are trying to make sense out of the story so I can't call them stupid...

XD this song was written by a one year old or annoying orange since it,s ton of oggie boogies and random letters guys this song isn,t scary it,s funny and sorta embarrassing XD

this song is pretty creppy I recommend the neru version and not the Rin Chan version since her voice sounds 100x more demonic than rin,s but this song sounds like it sounds it,s about Rin wanting Satan to be king and in the end he does become king

Kind of cute, okay song. Besides the name and the weird lyrics, I wouldn't say creepy, I think it was only made creepy by the creepypasta behind it.

13 Rugrats Theory

HELP ME! These stupid kids are not even talking about the song but instead are talking about a worthless ballerina from a worthless game... They should be banned from all lists...

This scared me a lot but not as much as when I saw the nightmares of sister location nothing compared to that one part when I had to walk through creppy lady's gallery ya know where I'm going with this arn,t ya not even teratoma compares like no I'm not going to your dance lessons your probably a haunted robot that wants to murder my face but rugrats theory is scary

Rugrats theory is like it sounds like a person marking a theory about the show and it turns out to be correct probably the scariest song on the list

Perfect. Just perfect. Kaai displayed a perfect tone to the song. It fits perfectly to the childish show. And with her husky, high pitched voice makes a perfect feel to the song.

14 Mother of Pearl Bones

I cannot believe not many people know this and listings to that fake song called kagome kagome it doesn't even sound real how can you wake up fine with your brain removed at least mother of pearl bones sounds real and you can believe it I thought this was a ture story at first but it was really good listing to it if you want I don,t care a

I watched this and it gave me such a Gorillaz vibe, from the beginning of their career. Well, people will think funny cartoons, but the real fans know about the creepy chilly atmosphere of the less known songs. And THAT's what I'm talking about

Mother of petal bones ok this is lovey the begging sounds like a love song at first but then it takes a turn when they say (I'll bite you by the neck of that procrline
skin like a moth) yea that,s when you know it,s creppy but I recommend it

I agree with the comment below, this song does remind me of Gorillaz in the Phase 1 part of their career.

15 [Luka + Miku] Kagome Kagome [Vocaloid Horror]

First time reading the creepypasta was because of this song, it's a classic to me and I love it, the video is creepy too. Gives me the chills with the reference to the girl that was killed personally by the military during the experiment...
Even the song is great, Luka and Miku's voices fit just perfectly

The lyrics were enough to scare me, but the picture (you all know which one I'm talking about), terrified me. The thought of actually being surrounded by those children, unable to escape... it made most of my nightmares look tame. The song scares me... so why do I love it so much?!?!?

I listened to this one for a while before I read the Creepypasta. That Creepypasta is the only one that actually sends chills down my spine. I want to learn how to sing this one in Japanese. I love it so much!

This is based on a true story, apparently. I used to think that this song wasn't that scary, but... Whenever a song is based on a true story, I think it makes it automatically creepy.

16 Guard and Scythe

Honestly you chose the worst song to be here this place should had went to diseased princess in sorry if you headed diseased princess the whole thing is a insult about you being uglier than hatsune miku and that your never going get married because you are ugly T-T *sobs* I'm sorry

About the hell's guard who bring the scythe for punish the sinner. And their hearts its getting black

This song actually got me into vocaloid

This song is amazing!

17 The Tailor Shop of Enbizaka

This is my favourite song from Akuno-P's Seven Deadly sins series and I really want to read the novel/manga based on this song. But I kinda agree. I was watching the Top 10 Yandere Vocaloid song video by Akidearest and this song was on the video. So I went to listen to the full song. It did creep me out at first, But after a few times I hear It, Instead of being scary, It was amazing and traditional instead.

The song is beautiful and about Luka killing any girls who go near her beloved, and then wearing the things those girls had worn to make her love actually notice her. If you are terrified of Yandere people, then don't watch.

I love this song! It's my second favourite song in the 7 deadly sins (beaten to Madness of Duke Venomania)

This one didn't creep me out as much as the weathered head at onigashima. Still kinda creepy though.

18 Alice In Wonderland

To the person that said if the song's name is Alice Human Sacrifice: This is a completely different song! Alice of Human Sacrifice is a song by Yugami-P, while Alice in Wonderland is a song by Machigerita-P. They're two completely different songs, and I can assure you, Machigerita's Alice in Wonderland is much creepier! I suggest you look it up.

This song is amazing and scary

Never watch the PV. It's disgusting. My mistake

The song is amazing but I do not think the MV was disturbing. I did not regret watching it and.. it is now one of my favourite vocalist songs

PS: Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the title of the song Alice Human Sacrifice.

19 In a Rainy Town Balloons Dance With Devils

When I watched it first I just had this feeling that thre has to be a jumpscare any second
But it was quite relaxing when nothing like that happened
Though I have to say in the last line when they sing "And they noticed you." and the demon who was standing nearby the door was suddenly next to the bed was kinda creepy

If you know the true meaning of this song, you'll understand how terrifying it is. I don't have the guts to explain, just Google it up or something...

It's not creepy at all! I really like it, it has a cute atmosphere. I mean, even the demons being beheaded have a nice cute dance.

The song is great, and sounds kind of like Halloween-type cheerful, but the video is downright disturbing!

20 The Fox's Wedding

I love this song and all three versions (original, 2nd version and 2015 remake) were awesome. But the new 2017 remake was a meh for me. Didn't liked how they make it sound like dubstep music with violent lyrics and somewhat scary illustrations. Please Masa, don't remake the whole onibi series or the sisters' story! I'm begging you! Just leave it the way it Is! Please!

I LOVE THIS SONG! The start just a good full boom with "grab an umbrella, O, Ms.Kitsune please don't grab an umbrella" but, If you do your research you find out that the Fox's wedding is actually good luck in Japan. except for in one place, where it si considered and, so kind of ruins the creepy atmosphere.

Yay! This is my one of my favorite vocaloid songs! Its still creepy though, but I think the clear demonic mirror is creepier...

This is so creepy and inappropriate. Don't watch this if you are a kid. I wouldn't even advise it for adults either.

21 Broken Human Machine

I have no clue what this is about. But it's just weird & beautiful to me.

Holy god that screen is terrifying
i don’t know the english lyrics but I don’t wanna know it looks like a person with a gas mask that wants to commit suicide it is everything bad

22 Suicide Song

Shiteyano wants to die. But she doesn't. This is a wonderful song about even if you want to die. You shouldn't since there's more to life than what meets the eye.

I can totally relate. Lots of metaphors. She didn't really "forget to pay my water bill". The song is about a girl who wants to die but doesn't have the courage. Like Abstract Nonsense, but more relatable for me because this song doesn't say that she was bullied, because I'm not being bullied, I'm depressed because of... something else. This song isn't scary though

That's a myth, lavender town syndrome doesn't exist. Once I see proof of Lavender Town's theme making lots of people commit suicide, I'll believe it. But for this song, I've never heard it, but the title is driving me away.

I haven't heard this song and I don't want to! it sounds like a song that will make you commit suicide. just like a song that made a lot of people kill themselves. that song was called lavender towns. it sounds fine, but don't watch it! Unless you want to die

23 Ievan Polkka

It is creepy what do you mean guys, It literally created a hell of it's own. It's called vocaloid. Vocaloid hell. The largest hell I've ever seen. You uncultured fools.

It's so scary miku came right through the screen while singing it it was a traumatic experience

Why is this song creepy? It's only a weird one. And yet its in many versions.

Levan polka is the catchiest vocaloid song ever. Only a retard would think its creepy.

24 Happy Child

Name correction:That Happy Child is about Greek mythology about zuse and how he was scared that his kids while over throne him so he ate them so I guess eat your baby,s zuse *mortal lesson* do not eat your kids because you are scared

Greek mythology this one is nightmare fuel now this got replaced with gomen ne gomen ne in real japanese it,s gomenaisie neno
not even close to what,s it called in japanese but this you will know what,s going on zuse eats his children in order for him to stay king really zuse really -_-

Babuchan's songs generally creep me out, but this one takes the cake. Here are some reasons:
1) The beginning, oh my god, the beginning. "I love you daddy" are the exact words in the beginning, and were probably all of their last because...
2) This was just a very gross interpretation on the story of Chronos. Some of the lyrics that don't even match with the main point are disgusting and depressing, like "I'm sorry I was born", "Entangle, Mix, Connect, Destroy! ", "Squish, squish, the sound of me being born" (my general "favorite" if you know what I mean D:). The story is based on a cannibal, not that it was never done before, but when I saw and looked up everything, in the perspective of the child too, a part of the song CLEARLY states, "Eat, eat, I'm delicious, eat, eat, eat, my eaten me" just got to me as well.
3) The illustrations. Specifically at 1:58, 2:20, 2:45, and 2:56 (you're welcome), I was on the verge of vomiting. It was so grossly detailed. What was even worse ...more

Truly CREEPY, deserved to be in the Top 10 more than a few there

25 Breaking Things Into Pieces

Hello. These comments are with awful grammar because this people not speak english. This music is not creepy, is very macabre, because of a crazy person, breaking things!

A ugly child with a knife and a horrible world with people kill people and destroy.

Sometimes I listen to this music and I want break my glass box in my head.

The comments are full of awful grammar. Better call jacksfilms.

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