Creepiest Vocaloid Songs

I heard about 50 million creepy vocaloid songs but what do you think?

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1 The Spider and the Kitsune Like Lion

I looked up the lyrics. For some reason, it didn't disturb me as much.

Masa's works can be divided into 3 groups: super disgusting, super gay and some stuff about prostitution and sex. Kinky as heck but that's what I love

There's a reason this song is 18+, people! I'm never watching THAT music video again...wrong idea. But the feels...*scared face here* - Frostrose

Don't watch it when you are eating. I'm dead serious

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2 Okaasan

When I was 10, I listened to this song before going to bed. I regretted it a little. Also, I like the creepy ending when Miku's voice get slower and more muffled, to show that she was killed. A little child-abusive, I thought, but I actually liked (and definitely still do) it.

Thank you for reading!

This song isn't that scary anymore, but reverse is creepier.
However, after the music stops in the original and it's just Miku singin'...I just want the song to be over with by then.

Okaasan (Mother) is really an extremely scary song! So I recommend that, if you are going to watch / listen to this song I suggest that you should be ready for something because when I listened to this song I instantly got paranoid for 3 weeks and this song has some scary sound effects on it even when you think of what is happening to Miku in her situation it feels disturbing when thinking about it. But, it has some great beats though! (from the start only it gets creepy and scary at the end)


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3 Gomen Ne Gomen Ne

I have a really strong stomach. This nauseated me. Especially the line "drinking up my amniotic fluid".

Y'all know what amniotic fluid is, right? It's that stuff that surrounds an unborn baby to protect it. When you take THAT into account, it's really sad as well as sickening.

Umm Terrifying

This song is the goriest of all the other vocaloid ones, seriously. The tune may not be disturbing or anything, but once you get to know the lyrics you realize how messed up this song is. Not a single detail about cutting open one’s body is ignored...

The lyrics are creepy as hell, because otherwise you can just eat lunch to the nice tune... Unless you read them, you read it once, you can't forget them and goodbye lunch.

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4 The Secrets of Wysteria

This song is absolutely terrifying. In a good way though. I have always LOVED creepy things and this song really deserves to be in at LEAST the top 10. The song has a creepy vibe to it and it's about a real serial killer! Oliver's voice sounds absolutely amazing singing this and it adds to the creepiness of the song. I was sitting in my living room and singing this song and everyone thought I was nuts. This song is very disturbing to listen to and I love it! The lyrics are just incredibly scary to listen to and the video along with it adds to the eeriness of the song. If you ever want to give someone a good scare I suggest walking down a dark hallway at night while playing this song and humming along to it. It takes quite a bit to scare me, but this song is pretty frightening. There are a lot of creepy Vocaloid songs out there (many of them sung by Oliver), but this one takes the poisoned cake.

The fact that this is based on a real life killer is just so terrifying

Okay, this song is literally the only Vocaloid song I actively avoid. It's just too creepy. It's also worth mentioning that I've read some of the most infamous scary stories on the Internet late at night and been able to sleep like, and hour later. This song is bad.

I really love this song. Every time I watch it, there's a chill running down my spine. The PV is spooky,the song's spooky! And the fact that it is based on real story is also horrifying! Also this reverse speech of Albert Fish's letter to Gracie's (the victim that's mentioned in the song) parents is also terrifying

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5 50/50 - Hatsune Miku

Scariest part is where the song only just starts to get creepy when you don't fully expect it. As soon as that happened and I spotted what was in her hand I knew something was going to go wrong.

This song sounds cute when you play it, but it gets creepier and the screen goes darker, and... yeaa... And this is why you should never tell Miku you have a bae.

Mistake watching this without looking at the description or comments or not even knowing what it was about. AND at night. Welcome, Nightmares.

It was actually pretty cute in the beginning. When the lights were dimming I felt nervous, and after three minutes I was hyperventilating.

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6 Ant Observation

According to this one, I'm screwed. I hate ants.

I laughed so hard at this song I thought it was funny I don't know why

I showed this to my cousin and her face was so funny

This one gave me nightmares

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It's funny though LOLOLOL - ACKREIK

The name would never made me think this was going to be creepy. I was wrong, this is actually one of my favorite songs now, it's actually pretty nice to hear and all.

Not too popular but the name of the song just tells you that it will be creepy

I don't get this song...

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8 Jisatsu Shoujo - Hatsune Miku

Although the song sounds creepy, the lyrics are extremely depressing. When Miku says "drug scandal rumour", she means that the other students are spreading lies about her being involved with some sort of drug scandal. She starts cutting and using other forms of serious self harm. She even tries to drown herself. She has written many songs about her scary experience, but nobody seems to care. She's being bullied over the phone, at school and basically everywhere she goes. the bullies even put a fake tongue in her mailbox to scare her. She is injured mentally (from the horrendous bullying) and physically (due to self harm). She actually mentions Len in the song a couple of times. This song made me HATE him, because it gives an idea that Len is the head bully. When she says "the desk long forest of flowers" it refers to a Japanese tradition that involves putting a flower on one's desk if the person has died. But if the person is still living, that means they want the person to die. In ...more


It shows how scary being suicidal can be.

Creepy, but sad. I guess that's expected, the title translated is 'Suicide Girl'. But poor Miku. Suicide is not an answer. It's a question. And the answer is no.

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9 Bacterial Contamination

This song is not as scary, people just don't like it cause of the video. ITS JUST A VIDEO!

Aha, the song it's self isn't too scary, but if you understand the lyrics then it may be a bit more, it's more the video that is a bit off putting. I personally like the video though, despite its weirdness.

I mean, I like the song, but what's happening to Miku during it just looks really creepy! I mean, at the beginning, her skin looked like it was covered with parasites, she lost her eyes, her mouth became a dark endless hole, IT WAS JUST CREEPY. - gakupo4eva

This song is my jam. It displays creepy scenes and deep down depressing emotion. It's pretty creepy. If you're looking for nightmare fuel animation, look no further. Works great for an alarm because if it's pretty loud, you'll get up in less than 10 seconds.

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10 Crushed Mary

This is one of the most disturbing things I've listened to. The headphones make it even eerier and worse than it seems.

This gives me too much anxiety and it's literally so scary and uncomfortable.

I literally h a t e this song it's too creepy

This one is pretty creepy. But I suggest not to watch with headphones.

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The Contenders

11 Greetings from the Bottom of the Well

My theory is that Miku, Rin and Meiko were mentally and physically scarred by a traumatic childhood and decide to kill theirselves. They later are revived as ghosts who haunt the well that they drowned themselves in

I think the song's about a man who cheated with three women and then threw them in a well... - SeeUandMiki

I really love this song, it has a great atmosphere to it.

Is this a Fran Bow reference?

12 Song for Great Satan

When I first listened to this it was 2010. This song is not that scary but rhythm of the song scares me. - OrangeRin

Kind of cute, okay song. Besides the name and the weird lyrics, I wouldn't say creepy, I think it was only made creepy by the creepypasta behind it.

The only really creepy thing about it is the fact that it is so catchy that it makes you want to listen to it over, and over, and over, and over, and over again...

I remember the first time hearing it and just sitting there just staring at my computer screen like "what did I just listen to? ".

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13 Rugrats Theory

I love but its scary as heck.

I love how the song sounds, but it always gives me one of those creepy feelings y'know? '-' Although that is why this song is so good!

Kaai Yuki sounded amazing singing this... I just love her songs! But that song, Calalini...

Perfect. Just perfect. Kaai displayed a perfect tone to the song. It fits perfectly to the childish show. And with her husky, high pitched voice makes a perfect feel to the song.

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14 Mother of Pearl Bones

I watched this and it gave me such a Gorillaz vibe, from the beginning of their career. Well, people will think funny cartoons, but the real fans know about the creepy chilly atmosphere of the less known songs. And THAT's what I'm talking about

I agree with the comment below, this song does remind me of Gorillaz in the Phase 1 part of their career.

15 [Luka + Miku] Kagome Kagome [Vocaloid Horror]

Turning what was supposed to be an innocent game into something creepy. Way to go. *insert scared face here as someone reads these lyrics* - Frostrose

I always say Kagome, Kagome when someone says circle up in school and my friends look at me as if I'm a sociopath

Also isn't Kagome the name of an Inuyasha character?

The lyrics were enough to scare me, but the picture (you all know which one I'm talking about), terrified me. The thought of actually being surrounded by those children, unable to escape... it made most of my nightmares look tame. The song scares me... so why do I love it so much?!?!?

I think it’s more sad - poor kids

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16 The Tailor Shop of Enbizaka

This song is not so creepy. It's BEAUTIFUL and so TRADITIONAL. Oh well, this is for Luka.

The creepiest song in the 7 deadly sins series. Evil food eater conchinta is nothing.

It gave me awful nights of bad sleeping.

I can't find anything scary about this. It's rather traditional

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17 Guard and Scythe

About the hell's guard who bring the scythe for punish the sinner. And their hearts its getting black

This song actually got me into vocaloid

This song is amazing!

18 Alice In Wonderland

This song is amazing and scary


Never watch the PV. It's disgusting. My mistake - SeeU

To the person that said if the song's name is Alice Human Sacrifice: This is a completely different song! Alice of Human Sacrifice is a song by Yugami-P, while Alice in Wonderland is a song by Machigerita-P. They're two completely different songs, and I can assure you, Machigerita's Alice in Wonderland is much creepier! I suggest you look it up.

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19 In a Rainy Town Balloons Dance With Devils

It's not creepy at all! I really like it, it has a cute atmosphere. I mean, even the demons being beheaded have a nice cute dance.

I love this song

If you know the true meaning of this song, you'll understand how terrifying it is. I don't have the guts to explain, just Google it up or something...

The song is great, and sounds kind of like Halloween-type cheerful, but the video is downright disturbing!

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20 The Fox's Wedding

Very creepy with spine chilling lyrics... perfectt

Watched this at night once... I regret it with my life. I honestly DO NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND THIS SONG. And that's saying a lot because I have the most psychotic mind which pretty much understands everything, real or not. DON'T LISTEN TO THIS AT HOME KIDS

Yay! This is my one of my favorite vocaloid songs! Its still creepy though, but I think the clear demonic mirror is creepier...

I'm serious, don't watch this at night - iCanSeeYourPixels

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21 Broken Human Machine

Holy god that screen is terrifying
i don’t know the english lyrics but I don’t wanna know it looks like a person with a gas mask that wants to commit suicide it is everything bad

22 Suicide Song

I can totally relate. Lots of metaphors. She didn't really "forget to pay my water bill". The song is about a girl who wants to die but doesn't have the courage. Like Abstract Nonsense, but more relatable for me because this song doesn't say that she was bullied, because I'm not being bullied, I'm depressed because of... something else. This song isn't scary though

I for one have actually heard the song before giving my input and this song won't make you want to kill yourself. It's about miku wanting to kill herself but not being able to. I feel it was a small message saying even if you wanna die don't and hold on.

That's a myth, lavender town syndrome doesn't exist. Once I see proof of Lavender Town's theme making lots of people commit suicide, I'll believe it. But for this song, I've never heard it, but the title is driving me away.

I haven't heard this song and I don't want to! it sounds like a song that will make you commit suicide. just like a song that made a lot of people kill themselves. that song was called lavender towns. it sounds fine, but don't watch it! Unless you want to die

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23 Ievan Polkka

It is creepy what do you mean guys, It literally created a hell of it's own. It's called vocaloid. Vocaloid hell. The largest hell I've ever seen. You uncultured fools.

It's so scary miku came right through the screen while singing it it was a traumatic experience

Scary spooky

i screamed

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24 Breaking Things Into Pieces

Hello. These comments are with awful grammar because this people not speak english. This music is not creepy, is very macabre, because of a crazy person, breaking things!

The comments are full of awful grammar. Better call jacksfilms.

A ugly child with a knife and a horrible world with people kill people and destroy.

Sometimes I listen to this music and I want break my glass box in my head.

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25 Alice Human Sacrifice

When I first heard this song, I was really terrified. But after I listened it for some time, it's actually good - Sassy13crown

Seeing this song when I was 8...

This song used to scare the crap out of me, but now this is one of my favorites

Awesome song, catchy tune, and nightmare material video. Greatest combo ever.

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26 Dark Woods Circus

The sad sequel of the actually creepy Wide Knowledge of the Late Madness

This song is kinda sad and creepy.

Wide knowledge of the late madness is not a sequel

Sad and too creepy for my taste

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27 Happy Child

Is make me feel sick somehow

Truly CREEPY, deserved to be in the Top 10 more than a few there

Let me just shiver for a moment...

That was NOT a happy child-

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28 Kagome Kagome

I love this song. I use it as a lullaby. THE STORY IS REAL! The creepypasta is based off the true story. I feel so sorry for those orphans. But they can't be ghosts because "even if your arm is taken, even if your head is crushed, the children who can never die". They probably just wanna rest in peace and have gone mental because of it.

At first, when I first listened to this song, I didn't find it all that creepy. But after reading the creepypasta related to the game 'Kagome Kagome', this song scares me a lot

Try to sleep after watching this. They should put at the end something like "thanks for watching and good luck sleeping at night! "

The song which I downloaded and skip every time and remind me to check under my table

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29 This Is the Happiness and Peace In Mind Committee

'Are you happy? It's your duty! '...okay I admit, I thought this song was going to be about a school club promoting happiness or something... Then I looked it up... I had nightmares for two days! *laugh*

Innocent yet not. This song even mentions way to die if you don't put on a happy face...way to go Utata-P. This is probably Miku's version of Paradichlorbenzene, to be honest. - Frostrose

The original brainwashing video

It really feels like her majesty Queen Miku is brainwashing you to be happy.

Be happy or die!

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30 Hide and Seek - Seeu

This is my favorite creepy vocaloid song.

Oh geez... for me it's a toss up between this and 'Kagome Kagome' (I know, I'm a wimp, haha) but this one took the creepy cake! First of all, SeeU's voice is so nice, and fits perfectly with this song, second, the slight distortion at the end is so cool and creepy at the same time, and lastly, I could listen to this song nonstop because the instrumental is so good! Thanks for reading!

Its not too creepy for me still has that little creepy atmosphere, but otherwise its fine

My Bff is obsessed with it. I couldn't even handle 10 sec of it especially at night.

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31 Wendy - Kagamine Rin

The song is about Rin commiting suicide

I absolutely love Wendy! It's such a good song and it's sudden drop in theme is wonderfully scary. It sounds like a happy song but when you listen to the lyrics it's basically about a girl who kills herself by jumping out her window. It's so creepy and it deserves more attention!

32 O Light (Hikari Yo) - Hatsune Miku

This song is quite creepy because of the nightmare theme, and the lyrics is quite uneasy, and personally, I quite liked the song! And try it! It's nice!

I think it's about a girl with sleep paralysis who has a nightmare and can't wake up

This isn't scary it's sad sure some people may find the visuals disturbing but for me this is a sad song

It's sad and beautiful, considering that Miku is pleading for someone to save her.

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33 I'm Sorry I'm Sorry

This song is about a kid whose father does it to her.

I have no idea how this isn't in the top ten. Truly sad and disturbing. Like holy cow. What did I just listen to.

I didn't watch the video I read the lyrics thinking WHAT ON EARTH? - mayamanga

Look at the English lyrics and you are SCARRED FIR LIFE

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34 The Clear Demonic Mirror

A song about a little girl torturing farm animals... Super creepy. - starswirl375

Am I the only one who likes this song? - MLPFan

Poor neko-san... poor piggy... ;-; LIEK DIS IFS YOU CRIS EVER TIEM

This song is pretty creepy. Yet I love it. My friends are always saying there is something wrong with me for liking stuff like this. 😈😈😈

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35 Momoiro Usagi

This song ruined bunnies and mascots for me...

This song made me want to stay away from Len for a month, that’s a lot coming from a Len fan girl.

Creepiest Len song Ever. EVER. My entire weekend was just me sitting in a fetal position contemplating my decision to hear the song in the first place. Should at least be in the top 20.

When I looked at the lyrics I was TERRIFIED. I couldn't even be in my room without "I'm a rabbit with a knife" being in my head - SeeU

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36 Story About a Poor Rabbit

Yeah. It's pretty scary...! The first time you'll see it, you'll just feel pretty unnerved... The first time I saw it, I thought it was just about a cute lil' rabbit! Boy, was I wrong...

Ever since I delved into THIS specific one, I could no longer listen to it when it gets dark out. It makes me paranoid every time for some reason I do not know. This is WAY too low.

At first the tune seems unnerving but still cue like its about a boy dressed up as a rabbit then this happens HE TURNS CREEPY

I'm still wondering how this is a KAITO song...

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37 Onii Yuukai

Kaito's bad luck took a turn here...meltdown parody x creepy themes... - Frostrose

Oh my god this song gives me shivers. When the song starts to slow, expect goosebumps. Brrr...

This song is a parody of meltdown I think

Dis song doe

38 Pink Bunny

It's creepy in so many ways just go and look up the lyrics._. And the ending will freak anybody

Dang Len is that you in the pink rabbit costume

A rabbit works in an amusement park and takes children and kills them. straight forward yet dark and effective

There are some vocaloid songs that I refuse to listen to. Those songs include Okasaan, Story of a Poor Rabbit, and this one... I love the dark stuff, but this is too dark even for me. - Branded25001

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39 Sex With Minors

Title says everything... - Frostrose

The name though.

Title says all.

I love the instruments but the lyrics are very very very disturbing

40 Monochrome Ward

I mean, I like this one, but it is kind of creepy. Wish I understood it better...

This song is so creepy...

I like this song!

41 Twaddles of a Flue Faker

Falls somewhere between nightmare fuel and tear jerker.

I personally really like the tune of this song, and Oliver's voice is very good with this song as well. I also like that, according to what I've heard, that this song is about the things wrong in Victorian (or Industrial Revolution? I don't know) times. Overall I really like this song and I'm not too good with words so this is pretty short.

~ Iyana Mase, MaikoIsATerribleCheerleader, Pineapple Bubblegum

I like dis

42 Beheading Dance

This is definitely a weird and disturbing song. Not so bad until you watch the video and read the lyrics. Then it gets way too weird. The beat is nice though...

I can't believe this isn't higher up the list. This song is so creepy and weird, and in my opinion it's one of masa's creepiest songs.

I find it rather catchy despite its lyrics, I do agree with the other comments though it is creepy and weird bleugh worthy.

Just listen to it for yourself. bleugh

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43 Don't Look at Me That Way

I think it's about abortion... it's sad, creepy and beautiful

This song creeps me out, but it was kinda sad, though... - Kuroemon2002

I think I misread the title... but it's sad

44 Pilom-San

Every other song on this list except Crushed Mary at least make sense, have actual context and meaning, but nope, this one just makes you wonder on and on about who the hell "Pilom San" is...and whoever he is, he's watching you from behind the screen. *shiver*


45 Impale - Luka

Disturbing but not creepy.

46 Lavender Town Syndrome

One time I listened to it and made my sister listen to it. Nothing happened to both of us except for her being scared (she was like 9 or 10 at the time so it could’ve worked on her) and I was like 13 or 14 when I first heard it (I still have sensitive ears thanks to my autism). So nothing happened to both of us. We are still alive. - Ilovestephanie

Not scary at all but I like this song

The title is based off a Pokemon video game. There is a area in the game called lavender town or something like that anyways in the Japanese version they say that the music was so high in frequency that kids would go mad and/or drive themselves to suicide.

This is a Vocaloid song now? Lavender Town Syndrome is fake in my opinion. Show me the evidence, not just a video saying random things.

It gave me a headache, but my friend didn't feel anything... Maybe it works differently on different people? I don't know

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47 Bad End Night

Nice song, the ending is the creepiest, I like it because it feels to me that it resembles RPG Maker Horror games. And if you watch Crazy Night it gets creepier

Upbeat good tune good story how is this creepy also yes this is based of a book or is a book made based in it one or the other

The song sounds upbeat, taking away it's not creepy at all

I like how in the last song of the Night series, Ever Lasting Night, Miku whispers 'arigato (thank you)' before killing herself. That's cool!

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48 Carnival - Gumi

Another song that's like. 'Why not just screw up people's nights? ' xX Yep. Not doing it. I think Secrets of Wysteria told me that already. - Frostrose

It's about Cannibalism but it's not too scary

God I love that song

And don't forget
The most important thing
A heart full of love...

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49 Musunde Hiraite, Rasetsu to Mukuro - Miku Hatsune

Chilling and bizarre, "Musunde Hiraite; Rasetsu To Mukuro" may sound innocent but is a dark song that is not to be taken lightly.

The music is amazing and I didn't mind the lyrics. If you translate it though...good luck sleeping.

This song is cool! I probably won't think so when I find the translation though...

This song doesn't really creep me out at all to be honest

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50 Disappearance of Hatsune Miku

This song isn't scary at all! It's more heart-wrenching, especially if you love Vocaloid. The idea of any of them being 'permanently uninstalled' just kills your heart.

It's not that scary. It's about Miku getting uninstalled, which seems frightening, but when you listen to it more than once it's actually a really good song.

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