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61 The Seventh Me - Kagamine Len

The ending is odd. But honestly, Piko's version is better, and many fans agree.

This is... Wow! How is this not higher?

62 Disappearance of Hatsune Miku

This song isn't scary at all! It's more heart-wrenching, especially if you love Vocaloid. The idea of any of them being 'permanently uninstalled' just kills your heart.

It's not that scary. It's about Miku getting uninstalled, which seems frightening, but when you listen to it more than once it's actually a really good song.

63 Hold, Release, Rakshasa, and Carcesses

This song is really creepy. Not just the tune, but the entire thing.

Ah yes child prostitution is totally my thing!

64 Sakura Sake - Arashi

I hope this is a joke... They are not even VOCALOID!

65 Lie Lie Lie
66 Crazy Clown - Miku and Kaito

This is a very catchy song in my opinion

67 Crystalline V 2 Comments
68 Wide Knowledge of the Late Madness

This is one of the only vocaloid songs that ever scared me. How is this not at least in the top ten?!

Oh wow, this song is very creepy. The first time I watched this, I was very scared!

Just saying this has absolutely NO connection to dark woods circus

The screams in the middle of it... - SeeUandMiki

V 2 Comments
69 Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance

I like the version where Miku cuts off Lukas head and sends it Kaito... I see it as Miku's twisted way of crushing on Kaito and removing his love Luka...

I find the kaito version scarier

The song was great and the animation a bit old but still enjoyable.The end was so shocking but I LOVED IT.

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70 Trick and Treat

I personally think the song's about two neglected children, Miku being their mother. The Luka doll in the video is their younger sister. Miku loved Rin and Len, but after she had Luka she left them. Miku didn't get that 'Trick' and 'Treat' were her children at first, that's why she was frightened by the shadows (that were child like).

Little Miku with her head in a sack looking sad represents the sadness of the twins, the sack representing them to be closed-in. In the end,the song goes: "Now it's time to take what's mine so hand it over here, give it to me". I think that means that the twins killed Miku by taking her heart, representing her love that they had the right to have.

Anyway, the song's got a nice catchy beat, but the lyrics pretty deranged - SeeUandMiki

Creepy, and the video, but it was about Miku, as a young child she had 2 dolls (Rin and Len) she gave them up for another and basically she got older and they killed her for revenge

I love it but I've been scared since to throw away any stuffed animals even if they are falling apart

This is catchy and a bit scary so I wouldn't expect it to be in the top ten

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71 Story About a Poor Blue Rabbit

My 8-year-old brother finds this so scary that he loves it

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72 Fear Garden - Kagamine Rin

Honestly really disturbing but hella catchy the whole song is just Rin killing people then cutting there hands off and making a garden out of them there's really disturbing moments in the song but I would recommend it

When I first listened to this song I had earphones on and then this really high pitched bit came... need I say more?

I think it's catchy, but I scared my friend with it once, lol

I was looking for that song, people find it creepy.. I don't x)

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73 Po Pi Po

What! This isn't creepy at all! I love this song, its cute, and I love dancing to the cute dance and its cute melody! SO WHY IS THIS HERE!

It's only scary if you're scared of Hatsune Miku dancing around singing songs about vegetable juice - mayamanga

Why is this creepy? As far as I know, it's about Miku singing about veggie juice

Not creepy just plain catchy

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74 M/es

Just watch the video and wait till the creepy meat cubes creature starts dancing...

75 Scissorloid - Hatsune Miku & Luka Megurine

I think this song is beautiful and sad... Not creepy. Miku and Luka are in love with the same man, so Miku goes yandere and almost kills Luka. Then Luka calls Miku 'the best sister in the world' and tells her she loves her. Miku gets the biggest case of guilt ever and feels that she can't kill her sister. Then Luka says 'Just kidding' aND STABS MIKU IN THE STOMACH. WELL isn't THAT LOVELY.

This song scared me SO much. I was NOT expecting the ending. 'Course I was only, I don't know, 9, maybe? But still, I not planning on EVER watching it again

This is sad, not very creepy. Luka just betrayed Miku


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76 Mask of Hannya
77 Love Disease
78 Lavender Tone
79 Black and White Ward

It's not creepy, but it's very disturbing and full of anxiety and for some reasons, it's sad too!

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80 Sacred Blood - Miku Hatsune

It is the most creepy vocaloid song I have ever watched. I couldn't sleep

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