The Secrets of Wysteria


Number one in my opinion. this song is about the raping, then murder and consumption of a little girl named Gracie, based on a true story. even when reversed, it repeats the letter Albert Fish (The rapist and cannibal) sent home to little Gracie's mother, describing her death in detail and how he ate her and raped her. it has a great beat, and lots of thought was obviously put into this song in the process.

Like I've heard a lot of songs in my life time this obviously isn't the scariest but honestly it would slightly creep you out if you reverse the song you hear a letter from Albert Fish (the song is about him) to one of the victims mothers but the mother of the child couldn't read so her son had to read it out to her now if you take these facts in its scary enough but not enough to give you nightmares

It is so creepy, by far the creepiest on the list. It is a true story, and listening to the ending, even without it being reversed, makes me have a spasm attack trying to decide whether or not I should wimp out and take my headphones off or keep listening and not sleep again. It is also has a slow and haunting tone to it that repels you but brings you back for more.

Honestly, this is the first thing in my life to ever give me legitimate chills of fear - and I've seen some rather grotesque and horrifying things. The knowledge that this is of a real case, and knowing about Albert Fisher's crimes, is what makes this song deserve to be in the top 10. Plus, the reversed message at the end *really* amps up the scary factor.

Okay, this song is literally the only Vocaloid song I actively avoid. It's just too creepy. It's also worth mentioning that I've read some of the most infamous scary stories on the Internet late at night and been able to sleep like, and hour later. This song is bad.

I just listened to this song and it was really creepy. If this is only number nineteen I'm a little worried I won't make it through my goal of listening to all of these songs! *note I'm watching these at night so wish me luck on getting sleep! - Ash_Woods

I can get scared pretty easily, and a lot of the songs that are higher up in the rankings really freaked me out, but this song is just... I don't know. It was based on a real life story, so that doesn't help much at all, but the fact that it's not made up is unsettling.

Definitely deserves more recognition. It even has an Easter egg: when you reverse the song the lyrics will read out the serial killer's letter to the victim's parents. Totally creepy. Props to all the other authors who do these!

While I found this song to be very disturbing and sad, this song can probably teach people to be more aware of their surroundings, and teach us that we can never trust anybody, even people we may think we know

This song sums the grotesque, creepy, disturbing, and darkest side of someone covered perfectly with such pitch--I should say, in a ' amazing way. You better play it when you are on daylight, or you are brave enough to imagine such sadist and gross moments. Because... This song will uncover its most gross 'face' when played backwards. Not when you're eating though, you may vomit even before the song ends. You've been warned. And I love the way Steampianist making the song in a unique characteristics.

THIS ONE IS SO CREEPY. I have never listened to a song about a serial killer, Also, the backwards words at the end of the song is a letter that Albert wrote to the mother. . Creepy.

I didn't find this song creepy until I found out that it was about a real murderer/cannibal/rapist. Now I find the song absolutely terrifying, but still beautiful, in a way.

Its okay until you hear it on reverse. Based on a true story and I had to remove it from my youtube. I never want to hear a song about a dead girl who died cruelly

The only Vocaloid song that has scared me. It's not creepy in the "what did I just watch" way. It's actually really disturbing. How is this song in the 18th place?

This song is super creepy and disturbing. The story behind this story would give chills down your spine. Listening to the song backwards has a distrubing message. About the history behind the murder. I couldn't get the message out of my head. Not only the message is creepy but the song itself also is

This song is really creepy, especially when played backwards. And what makes it more creepy is that it's a true story, still I recommend you listen to it.

Literally, this song has made me paranoid, not kidding. I always check around my room and hyperventilate if I hear the slightest noise. I'm afraid of the dark now. Being alone is terrifying. I stay up till 3:00 am, too scared to go to sleep.
Thanks a lot, Oliver. *sighs*
(by the way, I'm not kidding/ joking please no hate)

This song is SO creepy. I suggest not to look it up unless you can handle super creepy stuff. I'm also confused as to why Fear Garden isn't on here!

Secrets of Wysteria holds so much meaning. This song is about a serial killer named Albert Fish who kills children between the ages of 3-9 or over. Albert Fish is also known as the "Werewolf of Wysteria"(how the song gots its name", "The Boogey Man", "Moon Maniac" and much more. He is a rapist, a cannibal and don't forget a serial killer! This song is also about a little girl named 'Gracie' and how she unfortanetly became one of his victims. At the end is a tape of what Albert Fish said played backwards. What also gives it another chill vibe is the background music and how Oliver sings it! Creepy...

Definitely gave me the creeps, especially since it took a real life event and retold it with such beautiful imagery and odd vocals.

Reversed version made me shiver for like 5 night of nightmares. I couldn't take out that creepy voice and words from my head even now

This song is extremely creepy. It made me think that Oliver is a psychopath. The Secret Goldfish should be on this list though!

Should be at number 1 because 1 it's a real-life story 2 there's this hidden meaning on the end 3 it makes me want to puke 4 Ollie sang it

The creepy twist within the reversed version of the song will creepy you out once you learn about where it came from...

I couldn't sleep for a week when I thought about the words. And when played backwards is horrifying! :,(