Top 10 Creepiest YouTube Channels


The Top Ten

1 Pronunciation Book

Why is he on the creepy lists? he isn't creepy!

2 Marble Hornets
3 David Firth

His most disturbing video is called Dog of Man

I 'll check him out.. - Ananya

4 AlanTutorial
5 Cyriak

Seriously check it out. The videos are just bizarre.

6 AndyWilson92
7 Poppy Moriah Rose Pereira, known professionally as Poppy, is an American singer, songwriter, ambient music composer, actress, dancer, and YouTuber.
8 Ctrl-Q Dreaming
9 Louise Paxton
10 Lynn Ann

Her face is creepy

Creepy Eric Harris fan. Enough said...

The Contenders

11 01A51CD0
12 Meatsleep

Meatsleep is art

13 Lee Hardcastle

He makes gory claymation videos

14 nana825763
15 MyDarkJournal
16 Larry Carlson
17 Jillian Mayer
18 SmileWithMe
19 RubberFruit
20 YOW
21 Totheark
22 KrainaGrzybowTV
23 Seinfeldspitstain
24 Meat
25 Shaye Saint John
26 Kerry Johnson
27 TheNewStoryTeller
28 GodlyRecon
29 112DirtBag
30 Eugenia Cooney Eugenia Cooney is both a controversial and inspirational YouTube personality. She was born on July 27, 1994. She is known for uploading beauty videos. Her videos generally get as almost as many likes as they do dislikes and she has well over 1,100,000 subscribers.
31 Edarem
32 pamtri
33 lonelygirl15
34 bensplayhouse

This channel is on a whole new level of creepy. - Rocko

35 Chills
36 Webdriver Torso
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