Top 10 Creepiest YouTube Videos

This list is a sequel to my list "Creepiest Youtube Channels". If you haven't seen that, I reccomend looking at it before you read this one.

The Top Ten

1 How to Pronounce Horse_ebooks - Pronunciation Book
2 Entry #1 - Marble Hornets
3 tt - AlanTutorial
4 Crooked Rot - David Firth
5 The Spirit of Christmas - Cyriak

Not very appropriate for the holidays.

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6 Why Haven't you subscribed yet? - AndyWilson92

This is way more disturbing than the Squidward Suicide video

7 Obey the Walrus

This video makes no sense to me. It has a drag-queen seriously stomping it's way towards the camera. This will make some viewers flinch. Then, it has a picture of a walrus at the end. Walrus cult or something? - RaccoonCartoon

Believe me, see by yourself - Olive855


8 Q Dreaming - I had to know - Ctrl
9 Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life V 1 Comment
10 The Hand Thing - ShayeSaintJohn

Such a shame that this guy died. Well, I've heard that he died. This video was very odd, though. - RaccoonCartoon

A mix of funny randomness with unsettling moments - CerealGuy

To this day, I still don't know how to do the Hand Thing.

Hey, are you still doing that hand thing? - CerealGuy

The Contenders

11 I Feel Fantastic

The music playing in the background is like something from Coraline. The actual robot is creepy, too. I feel like she's gonna strangle me or something. - RaccoonCartoon

Tara the android did a great creepy job

12 Girl Goes Psycho During Makeup Tutorial

Definitely the most disturbing. - velvetgristle

13 The Egg Dream V 1 Comment
14 Festive Greetings from Cyriak

This is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

15 SpongeBob and Patrick Get Down and Dirty
16 Something - Cyriak
17 Agamemnon Counterpart
18 Fazbear and Friends
19 Dora No More
20 Racist Mario
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