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21 Username 666
22 Shaye Saint John V 1 Comment
23 Paris Catacombs Lost Footage
24 K-Fee Car Commercial
25 My Dead Great Grandma's Coffin in My Own Backyard!

Please don't watch this video unless you want a cold chill down your spine. It's very disturbing.

So, this guy's grandma passed away, which is very sad.. But I would never have a coffin in my backyard because that is just the start of a horror movie. Anyway, he has the coffin behind him and decides to open it up. We see a rotten corpse, which is quite freaky. He kisses the corpse on the lips, which makes me frozen in fear. And then, of course, he buries it.

There's a few things I never want to do in my life.
1. Never get stung by a bee.
2. Never get blind.
Nomatter what, I simply refuse to look in a coffin. It's just too much. But, this guy in the video thinks otherwise. - RaccoonCartoon

26 The Wyoming Incident
27 Performance Olivier de Sagazan 2008
28 There is Nothing

This is actually an art project of some sort. It's quite weird.
A girl mumbles THERE IS NOTHING and then immediately thwacks her head in her bowl of food. We see a flame in the background, and then the video reverses. She pokes her head up and says a little clearer THERE IS NOTHING while she stares into your soul. - RaccoonCartoon

29 Cursed Kleenex Commercial

Ah, Japan.. So many things wouldn't exist if Japan didn't exist! And, well.. This commercial wouldn't exist either.
There's many theories about this video's meaning. Some believe that all the actions died after the commercial was on T.V.. I don't know if they're still alive, I mean, I hope so. - RaccoonCartoon

30 Thomas the Tank Engine: Shed 17

This Video Is About The 17th Shed On The Island Of Sodor And It's Freaky

31 Walls Fall Out
32 Dog of Man - David Firth
33 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
34 Little Baby's Ice Cream "This is a Special Time"
35 Fatal Diving Incident
36 Surveillance Footage of Elisa Lam
37 BedFellows
38 Baby Laugh a Lot
39 The Croatian Stalking Tape
40 Body of a Pig
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