About this list.

I made this list to express my love to the pastel goth style. I don't want to make the list "Top Ten Reasons To Love the Pastel Goth Style" because everyone will think I'm running out of ideas. I want to make a username ideas list inspired the pastel goth style,I don't make the title of list "Top Ten Pastel Goth Inspired Username Ideas" because I think no one except me knows what pastel goth is and I think this list wouldn't be notice by other users if that's the title of this list. Since the other term for pastel goth is creepy cute I decide that the title of this list is " Top Ten Creepy and Cute Username Ideas", I know you're probably thinking why I the title of this list isn't "Top Ten Creepy Cute Username Ideas", because I think admin would add and between creepy and cute because he probably thinks that I forgot to add the word and between creepy and cute. Obviously, this list would be edgy because it says creepy and cute so you shouldn't expect something very childish or regular username ideas, and you should expect something cutesy and edgy username ideas on this list like "Pastel_Demon" "KawaiiSatan" "Cutecankill" and many more cutesy and edgy username ideas. Users (and visitor) didn't like this list because they don't understand what pastel goth is.

It makes me upset that users/visitors are adding items that are obviously mocking this list like "GimmieBleachNow42" "ClicheAF67" "ClicheEmoFanGirl01" "LookAtMeImSoEdgy". If you are one of the people who add this item/s on this list, I have questions for you, Do you think the item/s that you put is pastel goth inspired? Do you think adding that item/s on this list is a good idea? Because for me, this isn't a good idea because how was a stupid items like "GimmieBleachNow42" is creepy and cute, obviously this item mocks this list. I'm mad at people who mocks this list, Why? Because this list would be my favorite list if no one thinks this is a stupid edgy list and if no one ruins this list, and I express my love for the pastel goth style and mocking this list is just mocking the things that I like, and mocking how I like something.

This list would be my favorite list if no one ruin this list because when I was making this list, I think the items that I put are really cutesy and edgy at the same time, I was surprized by users hating that list because it's edgy, well b**** I was trying to make that list cutesy and EDGY.

I love the username that I put on this list if you don't like it, then you have a wrong opinion.

Please stop mocking this list, I hate this list because you made me hate it.

So if you get triggered attack me for being so right (when I said that I'm right it's a fact).

If someone keeps ruinning this list I don't know what to do anymore because he/she have obviously no feelings.

Please stop hating this list because the items are edgy because that's my goal.

Thank you for reading this post and please listen to me, don't ruin this list

Listen to me, don't you dare try to ruin this list


You better have AminoApp than this site because this site is obnoxious amd opinions aren't allowed and people don't understand how to respect opinion here.
I search Pastel Goth on Amino and it was existed. You better download the app, join, and then, you csn chat whatever you want on your own community, the users also more respectful than here. - visitor

Salty person is salty - mattstat716

That shrek name though. - mattstat716

It's not even funny - visitor