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21 The Bloody Painter

I love his story and how he looks.

22 Mickey Mouse


23 Chucky Chucky Charles Lee Ray is a fictional character and the titular antagonist of the Child's Play horror film series.

He is not a creepy pasta who runs this site

24 W. D. Gaster

The hell? He's no creepypasta. He's just some mysterious figure in Undertale. - Ultron123

Oh my god.This guy!

25 Lazary

She is EPIC

26 Zero
27 Jason the Toymaker
28 Nathan the Nobody
29 Hoodie

Hoodie is an awesome creepy pasta

I know this is kinda akward but [sighs]... Not Brian from marble hornets ok but I have a classmate named Jj and its not his real name... And I knew he liked me [i can't believe he liked me too, now were at 8grade and he sked me if I could be her girl isaid yes... But one night we've gone to a forest then he revealed his true identity to me he said to keep it secret, he wears his hoodie and mask then I was shaking...

oh and by the way my name is Chloe Angela Katherine Summers, going back his real name is Sammy Bryan Enzo Lemberguns, so he said to me;

sam;come with us...
sam;to a better place
me;[tear falls]
sam; why are you crying
sam[holds myhand then he pulled me and then kissed me]

our first kiss...
after 3 days ignoring him
sam;c.. chloe why are you ignoring me my calls and chats... are you ok.
me;i'm just thinking
sam;of what.
me;the answer
sam;so what is it

i left my family I ran away at ...more

30 Cherry Pau

Cherry Pau is one of my favourite characters! She's unique and she's got a great style! Most people would favourite Jeff or Slendy but I favourite Cherry Pau. Her actual name is Paulie, which is quite adorable. Paulie has a pretty interesting back story. I'd suggest looking for pictures of her and reading her back story before automatically judging her.

31 Candy Pop

He's Awesome!

32 Red

The scariest and the best. - asantalo

33 Lost Silver

For a kid who doesn’t have arms, he’s pretty strong and pretty darn scary

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