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1 Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner. The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep".

They could pull this off, guys! If they can do it right, they can even add subplots about Jeff being picked on I school, not just by Randy, his parents arguing, him browsing through childhood photos after he kills his family and then breaks into tears with a permanent smile on his face, etc. They could make the "scary" idea of a boy going insane all the more tragic, sad, and overall heartbreaking to the point you just want to hug him.

Yes they NEED to make this.

Also, they could make Peter (the dad) abusive and it would make just another problem in Jeff's life.

Jeff should have his own movie, however it's only going to be good if it's done right. The story has to be from Jeff's point of view and start with how he came to be a killer in the first place. Then you have to focus on what sort of people he kills and what's going through his head/how he acts/why he kills them, then make something up based off that maybe sight other Jeff The Killer Fanfics or short films for other cases. That's how you make a good Jeff The Killer film, and DO NOT bring in Jane as a lover, that'll ruin it. Because no good killer actually has a love interest, they don't have time for that (See: other slasher films such as Halloween or Friday the 13th.)

Jeff should have his own movie! He's one of my favorite creepypastas and I think with his brother covering for him and going to jail, would definitely make a good "Guilt" scene and with him cutting his permanent smile onto his face. They could totally make this a movie.

Perfect ideas but they should make Jeff look like a very very psychotic person make his gums show have blood dripping off his mouth after he makes a smile.

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2 The Smile Dog

If they made a movie of this I would imagine it as a mystery thriller vibe. It would have an investigator who visits the mom of a teenager who kills herself a week after seeing the picture. The investigator doubts that the picture had anything to do with the suicide and doubts that the picture is possessed but after seeing it himself he starts to be haunted by the dog in nightmares and is taunted to "spread the word"

I have read this story something like...12 times or more

Still scares me

Just the image is creepy in and of itself

This deserves a VERY good movie with a GOOD director and not some cheap ass director either

Its story is GOLD and deserves nothing but the best as a director

Smile, so cute... Anyway I would love to see it. It would be like a psychological suspenseful scary movie. If they make it they should have the main think he sees Smile everywhere. And he buys a Husky to help him feel safe but said Husky is Smile!

The movie should be about a fake scary photo that keeps going on and one didn't and fall offa building and keeps on happening.

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3 Slender Man

This would be amazing! It would be so refreshing and different from your average cheap slash-horror movies, just like this CP is so different from all horror stories and urban legends that I've usually heard growing up.. Someone PLEASE make this into a movie!

I wish though they should try and make a slenderman origin story, also the movie would be hectic because maybe we can find where slenderman hides the bodies

This should be a movie. With all the creepy music and have a realistic looking slenderman not a mannequin. - HappyFlower

THERE IS one coming out in 2018

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4 1999

I think this could be a really amazing movie like say if they make it like a documentary, from the main characters point of view, and throw snip its of the episodes from the shows when called for. It would be way better then another damn Slender Man movie I mean come on, one is already coming out this year. And Jeff the Killer... really what would you do with it, although smile dog is a kinda good idea because, "Chain Mail" and "Unfriended" type movies are kinda cool and not very like, known we could use a few more of them.

This could be played out like True Detective and Silence of the Lambs, with a much more dark and menacing theme that would feel like you are alone. - Drewstar

"1999" is my favorite creepypasta and I love movies 'til death, and seeing these two merge together would be, like, the most awesome movie ever made. - GaretTheCarrot

Nooo, way...
I am speechless. I probably woudn't be older enouhh to see it when it appeared at cinema but I would probably breack into there to see it

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5 Eyeless Jack Eyeless Jack

His character is amazing itself, a movie would be breathtaking but in my own opinion I think that we should make a movie where we see them all. All of their stories together or maybe the creepy pasta club. It should be a funny/romance/horror and action

He is my favorite he needs to be in at least 1 or just a big one about them all!

I love this character so much, the plot is so good that it could actually be made into a movie.


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6 The Russian Sleep Experiment

I Might be making this into a short film at my school. We will need a lot of fake gory props.

If this was made into a film it would be one of the best and scariest movies of all time

Enough goes on in the story that a convincing movie could me made, and there is wiggle room already to add in extra details or scenes.

This would make such a good movie. I would definitely watch it if it was ever made.

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7 BEN Drowned

BENs' story as a movie would be interesting because we don't know how he drowned. His story could go two ways, a young boy with abusive parents who gets a 64 and Majoras' Mask as a gift from his grandfather to help get his mind off things but is later drowned in the tub by a drunken mom/dad. Or normal family situation normal life and BEN accidentally drowns either in the tub from slipping or drowns at the beach/pool and is just trying to explain to whomever picks up his game how he died.

This would make a great movie. It was so scary and one of the most believable stories ever on Creepypasta. Also... I think that they should make a movie with the RAKE, too

I would totally see "BEN Drowned" if it came out in theatres. It's such a fantastic creepypasta, it would be cool to see what they would do with it.

I love ben drowned

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8 Candle Cove

Well, they could easily pull this off. If they got some good actors, and good props, and made it well, the movie would definitely be watched.

Get Tim Burton On It and you got yourself a hit

Yes I think tim burton could do this too.

At least they have a T.V. series. - Persephone_Hell666

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9 The Rake

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm a HUGE Ben Drowned fan. But I don't think think things like BEN or Smile dog would make good movies. Smile dog doesn't have enough to work off of for a movie, BEN already has creepy game plays, and you would need Nintendo's permission, and Jeff is super overrated. The Rake would scare me to death in a film.

... Who needs sleep anyway? I would love to see his (? ) story as a movie. So far thy have many documentaries on this guy (? ). My teacher showed us one for Halloween... I didn't know what we were watching until someone said the Rake.

The rake is completely terrifying and it would be a great horror film where a group of teens go into the woods thinking he's some dumb creepy pasta then they find out he's real and tries to beat it (but of course all the teens die and the rake wins)

Totally, this'll will make a good horror film. Too many supernatural, possession movies

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10 Laughing Jack

I've seen a pretend trailer by the creator of Laughing Jack, and I have to say that it would be neat to have a movie. I would so watch it. I love Laughing Jack!

This would make an amazing movie. It would bring horror, gore and maybe some sick humor together to make an interesting movie. Tim Burton would be great for a movie like this

Laughing jack has a great personality! The movie, if ever created, would be breath taking

I must have this. - Persephone_Hell666

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11 NoEnd House

I pictured this as a movie the entire time I read it anyway, and it would be so cool. Just the feeling of dread and no hope the entire time you watch it, hopefully would be just as strong as when I was reading this CP. Yes the ending is slightly predictable, hence the name, but this was an amazing creepypasta nonetheless. If this was made into a movie, I would most definitely watch it.

This I can actually agree with unlike Jeff or eyeless this is ACTUALLY SCARY

When I read it I imagined it as a movie. It perfectly bleands a good story that is not too heavy on cliches and gore which could be favorable with the critics. Is premise is simple, yet unique and I would love to see this as a movie.

Isn’t this a T.V. series on SYFY now? - Slytherrpuff

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12 Ticci Toby

Here's the basic origin:

Toby grew up with several mental disorders during his childhood, making it difficult for him to fit in with "normal people". He was constantly bullied by his classmates for his tics and was ultimately deemed unsuited for a public school surrounding, so he switched to homeschooling. While he received plenty of support from his mother and older sister Lyra, his father was nothing but a negative influence on his son. Having lost himself to alcohol, drugs and gambling, Toby's father became increasingly abusive towards his family, especially Toby.

When Toby was seventeen, he and his sister were involved in a tragic car accident that resulted in Lyra's death. Toby's symptoms worsened greatly because of this; he lost his appetite for food, became even less social than before, and slowly began to lose his memories. On the night he returned from the hospital, Toby saw the Slender Man watching him from the street. Slender Man repeatedly stalked ...more

Toby is my favorite. This would make a great movie. I feel really bad about how toby's life went. With his sister dying and what his dad did to him.

His story is great and has something unique about that other stories don't have. Also, it's realistic and I like the fact that instead of it scaring you fully it makes you feel bad for the character while being scarred. That sounds like a good movie and I would see it.

He's the only one that I can personally see being made into a movie even if you cut out the non-canon being one of Slenderman's proxies the movie would be amazing.

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13 The Strangest Security Tape I've Ever Seen

Would be a great short films or Sundance movie but not sure if it could be too long before people realize whats happening or get bored. but definitely this.

I can see it being made by a fan like a fan film not a really big production like warner bros or something like that lol

I just read the story, it was weird and scary, so it should be made into a movie

Why is this above penpal what

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14 Abandoned by Disney

This movie would most likely be a documentary.

This would put Disney out of business! Do it! Haha just kidding it would be a good movie

It can be like a False Documentary!

Yes... just yes!

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15 Penpal

I swear this would be the first horror movie that would scare me since this was one of the first creepypasta that made me both scared and curious it would be awesome if directed by someone talented like Wes craven or something - samanime

I would do 1,000 jumping jacks on hot coals with 300-pound weights hanging from my testicles to maybe, just MAYBE, get to see a film adaptation of Penpal.

It's so much better than the teen trash like slender and jeff. Its written (incredibly) well and long enough for a movie and its horror is a lot more subtle. It would also be very low budget

I love this creepy pasta so mutch

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16 BooTube

It would be great to have a movie

What even is this one

17 The Seed Eater

I can't think about a scarier movie than a thing eating children yes

I love this one! It may seem really, you do not this made into a movie. Really, trust me it made me wet myself from scaredness and I never got sleep for nearly 3 months now

Get it? Children, seeds, both youngsters?

! This is my FAVORITE creepypasta! :D I would love to see this a a movie!

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18 The Ronald McDonald House

The story is a 10 year old boy that go's crazy

Please make a movie of this!

I love this story so much... Same with Russian Sleep experement and Candle Cove though... AND the Rake! - MoldySock

The Ronald McDonald house is a terefying idea. The process of filming it would be amzing and epic. I couldn't think of a better creepy pasta to be made into a film.

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19 Play With Me

Sally is awesome and movies of scary little girls sell good

Sally and Chucky would make good friends

Good idea not being sarcastic

Must have this. - Persephone_Hell666

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20 The Killswitch Experiment

Also known as "kagome kagome" this Nazi based experiment/ghost story is truly terrifying look into the world of immortality.

I am filming an ameature lost footage style film based on this story.

21 Where Bad Kids Go

Yes, this one would be AMAZING!

It would get kids to behave!


All of my yes!

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22 Robert the Doll

No. Just no... This guy gives me shivers when I look at dolls. Plus there is already a movie made about him.

Weird thing is, this one is in a musiem... or so they say

23 The Cell Phone Game

Really practical for a movie

Would be awesome as a movie

24 Lost Episode Compilation

A compilation of either accurately reconstructed lost episodes of cartoons or shows the FREAKED us out or a documentary styled film that views these and an investigation starts to find the freak responsible for them. Dramatizing to children's psyche. The perfect sick crime.

-Squidward's Suicide
-SpongeBob Bootleg Episode
-Dead Bart
-Max & Ruby 0004
-Ed, Edd, n Eddy: Lost Episode

25 Polybius

Polybius could be made similar to Jacob's Ladder

26 The Expressionless

Maybe a sequel that could show the expressionless as a virus spreading rampant through a city

Just, read it. All I can say. It could possibly be in black and white?


Love this one

Reminds me of a mental institution

27 Zalgo Zalgo

We make a Zalgo movie there goes the world

I could see this as something way diffrent where it is like a Zalgo v slender man and his proxies and Zalgo is just wanting to be a good guy even though he is a demon


28 Sonic.Exe

I would wet myself within the opening seconds of the commercial/teaser

It should be a movie because of how great the creepypasta actually is

The movie will be about sonic dying and egg man puts a spell on him making him kill every one in till they named him sonic Exe and then hide but one died so they rocket lanched a cannon of stopped the spell.

I would LOVE a movie about Exe

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29 Psychosis

Come on guys! This would be amazing! All the suspension leading up to the big revelation? The creepy atmosphere? And the viewer gets to figure it out as the film plays along! It would be awesome!

Omgeee yes this needs to happens Psychosis is my favorite creepypasta

30 Masky and Hoody

Yes well they made marble hornets but I could see them like a origin story broke Into how they both met slender and then a proxy movie

Marble hornets is kinda like a movie so if you haven't seen it look it up on YouTube

The proxies are my favourite creepypastas ever this should so be a movie!

Masky and Hoodie are glorious, precious, perfection. Enough said.

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31 SpongeBob Bootleg

Would probably be a short movie even with the story of it's founding included, but still a good movie - CommentandList

32 Don't Look Back
33 The Holders
34 Clockwork

Honestly I can't stand clockwork. Hate the Toby x clockwork ship.

Why do people like this crap? The story was almost as bad as jeff the killer.

A great story with movie worthy drama

Totally I think it would be awesome if they mixed clockwork with Sally and Ticci Toby

35 Candy Pop

Why aren't their any comments for this? I love the creepy Clowns and Jesters type creepy stuff. Go team Candy Pop!

I'm obsessed with jesters and clowns, so I must have Laughing Jack and want to have this. - Persephone_Hell666

Candy pop is my favorite creepypasta besides Ticci Toby. I just love how he/she gives out purple balloons so they can die or they just get nightmares forever so its die or have nightmares where your dyeing for the rest of your life

36 Borrasca

Probably the best, darkest, most well-written creepypasta ever created. The concept itself is so dark and unpredictable that I'm surprised no directors or producers up at Hollywood have considered making this into a movie. If you haven't read Borrasca, you will definitely not regret reading this fantastic story (although it's around 5-6 hours long in total.) After reading, your definition of what makes a creepypasta good will have completely changed. In Borrasca, what's scary isn't the supernatural, but the terrible, disgusting things humans are capable of doing. - Jedijonathan

37 Anansi's Goatman

This would be an amazing idea. Think about it... A horror film that doesn't give too much away at first, but quickly amps up throughout as this little campsite quickly becomes terrorized by the Goatman. There could be a little more backstory and a little more of a build-up, and... Ugh, I'm gonna have a nosebleed. This needs to happen.

I'm an 18 year old guy and I cried blood... I can't bring myself to listen to it anymore. Definitely needs to be a movie

This story is just bloody brilliant in of itself
It deserves a lot more love than it gets

38 Happy Appy

I always wanted to see an actual episode and for the movie, it will be essential.
Also, who wouldn't want to see that fight seen with the narrator and forenzik

It just has to be

39 The Rainbow Factory

This is one of my favorite creepypastas.

You should read it.

A Rainbow Factory movie would be awesome! I highly doubt any official Rainbow Factory movie would be made, though, because of the mature content(Swearing, blood), and I don't thing the owners of MLP would make something like that. It might happen on YouTube, like a fanmade thing, but other than that, I don't really see a Rainbow Factory movie coming out in theaters. It'd be cool, though.

40 Rap Rat

Creepy but would be worth watching on the big screen.

This should be called Rapping to the rat.

41 Cupcakes

I don't think it should be a movie. I think My Little Pony should get a little darker and do this for an episode. - Persephone_Hell666

Is that about pinkie pie?

I like the story but a movie of it would be crap

I Do NOT Want To See Rainbow Dash Get Killed For 2 Hours - JPK

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42 NES Godzilla

I just finished that pasta and oh my god if this was a movie just holy mother of god

Red needs to be in a movie.


43 Jane the Killer Jane the Killer

Seriously, JANE HATES JEFF FOR WHAT HE DID! DO NOT put Jeff and Jane together in a film especially not as a ship. If you have Jeff and Jane in a movie together it should be as a brother and sister sort of thing (See: Needles and Smiles Mr. Betty Krueger on YouTube! ) or as morbid enemies!

No. I don't think I even have to explain why this is a bad idea.

This should be combined with Jeff the killer since Jeff's story is kind of short for a movie

Mix her with Jeff
Or better yet Her, Sally and Jeff

44 Homicidal Liu

It would be a good like twist final battle at the end of Jeff the killer but I couldn't see this as a movie so I would have to pass on this one

It can also be mixed in with Jeff the Killer.

This one is very dramatic and has an awesome story line.

Yass there should be a movie he's the best character. - Emofag

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45 Tails Doll

This would ruin Sonic on T.V. forever for me.

NOPE! Sonic.EXE already ruined sonic for me so please I would like to hear no more of the tails doll


This one would be sort of tied in with Sonic. Exe, but with the setting taking place on mobilus and then the real world. Also, it could involve the seven pure souls either being the first one movie, or a mini-series show. And maybe, he could get his own saturday cartoons! YEAHHH!
Tails Doll: I'd like that.

46 Radiation's Halloween Hack (Earthbound)
47 Pokemon

Well, they could make a movie about ash visiting kanto and getting stuck in lavender town.

Okay, for this they could make one about buried alive, lost silver, snow on MT silver Pokémon Dead Channel creepy black or escape from lavender town

48 Fuzzy
49 Funnymouth

One of my favourite creepypasta's

Would make a great short film!

Funnymouth is in my oppinion a better creepypasta than all the others on this list

50 Masky and Hoodie

Well they did already make marble hornets. But it would still be great.

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