Top 10 Creepypastas That Should Be Made Into Movies


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41 NES Godzilla

I just finished that pasta and oh my god if this was a movie just holy mother of god

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42 Robert the Doll

No. Just no... This guy gives me shivers when I look at dolls. Plus there is already a movie made about him.

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43 Homicidal Liu

It would be a good like twist final battle at the end of Jeff the killer but I couldn't see this as a movie so I would have to pass on this one

It can also be mixed in with Jeff the Killer.

This one is very dramatic and has an awesome story line.

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44 Radiation's Halloween Hack (Earthbound)
45 Tails Doll

This would ruin Sonic on T.V. forever for me.

NOPE! Sonic.EXE already ruined sonic for me so please I would like to hear no more of the tails doll


This one would be sort of tied in with Sonic. Exe, but with the setting taking place on mobilus and then the real world. Also, it could involve the seven pure souls either being the first one movie, or a mini-series show. And maybe, he could get his own saturday cartoons! YEAHHH!
Tails Doll: I'd like that.

46 Pokemon

Well, they could make a movie about ash visiting kanto and getting stuck in lavender town.

Okay, for this they could make one about buried alive, lost silver, snow on MT silver Pokémon Dead Channel creepy black or escape from lavender town

47 Borrasca

Probably the best, darkest, most well-written creepypasta ever created. The concept itself is so dark and unpredictable that I'm surprised no directors or producers up at Hollywood have considered making this into a movie. If you haven't read Borrasca, you will definitely not regret reading this fantastic story (although it's around 5-6 hours long in total.) After reading, your definition of what makes a creepypasta good will have completely changed. In Borrasca, what's scary isn't the supernatural, but the terrible, disgusting things humans are capable of doing. - Jedijonathan

48 Fuzzy
49 Funnymouth

One of my favourite creepypasta's

Funnymouth is in my oppinion a better creepypasta than all the others on this list

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50 Masky and Hoodie

Well they did already make marble hornets. But it would still be great.

51 42 Dark Link
52 Rocket to Insanity

It's like Cupcakes, but a little different.

53 Li'l Miss Rarity
54 The Asylum
55 Bad Apples
56 Sweet Apple Massacre
57 Murdershy
58 Avian

THe plot of the game was great. - DubstepLover

59 Bedtime Stalker

Yes stalker is a creepy one in my opinion. He uses guns and knifes. Also has a laser beam that can shoot. I've in fact seen him once. He has a half burnt face because of an acid fall.

60 American Girl: Molly's Nightmare - Rolling In the Deep Waters
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