Virender Sehwag


He has Two triple hundreds under his belt! A double hundred too!
It took 21 years for sachin tendulkar to hit a 200 in ODI international, But it was just a matter of 10 years! People consider Sachin Tendulkar as GOD of cricket, Sehwag scored 200 in 7 balls less than what sachin scored his double century.. And he hasn't played at least half of the ODI's Sachin played! So what shall we call him? God of the Gods? ! Oh No Offense! He's Genius

He can distract you and frighten you if you are a bowler.
About someone with that much of strike rate everybody think that he would not be consistent, will also think that he cannot make higher scores. Despite of everyone's view he raised like a star with two triple centuries and one missed just by 7 runs. He can entertain you more than anyone can!

he is only player can play aggressively in all times. he is only player to score 300 in test by an indian. I proud of him

Ever Best and Fastest Player
Best Player of IPL 2011
Next year I will buy him.
By 1 yrs. He will be in top in ICC ranking.

The major teams that Virender Sehwag represents are India, ACC Asian XI, Delhi, ICC World XI, Leicestershire, Rajasthan Cricket Association President's XI. Sehwag is a stunning Test player, making his Test debut against South Africa at Bloemfontein, in November 2001


Viru is the best opener of all time. His opening with sachin is the best opening jodi ever a world has seen. In the world best eleven icc has declared their opening session as the best in the world. Viru rocks always

Sehwag is worlds dangerous batsman than any body he can change the bowlers figure in no time

He is the best batsman world had ever produced... A real entertainer... And a true player... GOD BLESS HIM...

He was one of the most dangerous batsman in world cricket

He is very very dangerous cricketer in the world to compare any player.. He is only to fast centuries in all format of cricket (ODI, T20, TESTS). He become 1st player to hold a record highest indiviudal score in ODI 219. He is very class player in the world and his favourite shot sqaure cut six and that shot called as difficult sehwag. Great opener of the world cricket ever and ever. He will hit the ball out of the park.. Dangerous player and he is the only batsman to have more strike rate in test cricket

He is the killing machine for bowlers - Vaibhavpbh

If you ever see his bating style you can understand why he is the best. He has the best hand eye cordination in the cricket field. There is no ball called a good ball against him because he converts the better ball into a poor ball and make a way for the boundary. Every bowler is same in front of him (weather a all time greatest bowier or a ordinary bowler ) becauze he plays every bowler comfertably

He is the master of the blasters... He says he only sees the ball not the bowler... He scored triple centuries two time and no other Indian batsman has... - Vkbratboy

He is attacking batman with a beautiful opening and best the opener in India for ever

He is one of the talented player in the world. He plays the strokes best that cannot be played by any other batsman. I like his uppercut stroke so I am giving vote to one of my best player

He should be the new god of cricket. Sachin is the god because he has hit a double century. And now Sehwag has broken Sachin's record that's why he should be the new god. You say anything in my eyes sehwag is the number 1 batsman

Tendulkar is great but Sehwag is a pure piece of talent, The bast player of playing swing in the Indian cricket team. Two triple hundreds.. A double century in odi's and also the achiever of the maximum scores in the history of the odi game... Sehwag plays is own game... He is god gifted... Enough said!

He is the batsman who created his own style and has no fear for any bowler in the world. Great and equivalent to Bradman.
Pankaj Srivastava

He is a perfect optimist as he is never under pressure and goes on hitting even the hardest bowlers in the planet. He goes on playing his shots even if the team is in intense pressure. Best Opener Aggresive Batsman Till Date.

Absolutely a great entertainer the world had ever seen, and the new records are going to be broken very soon. He deserves the 1st position in this list.

Sehwag holds the record of highest run in an innings (219 vs WI) in ODIs beating the record of master blaster SACHIN TENDULKAR's record (200 vs SA).
He is not afraid of any bowler. He only knows that every ball is meant to be hit.

He is not a normal player... He is 1 of very dangerous bats man... I think he is the first player in dangerous... All r know if he in 99 the next ball will 6 or 4.. He is not bother about to take century... That is shewag style... Number 1 cme 2 shewag path...

He injected life in test cricket... I have seen the differences in run rate when he was on the wicket and when he wasn't. team like India needs more time when it comes to bowl the opposition out but for that team needs to score quick runs... This is where sehwag is the best when it comes to score quick and massive scores... His presence on crease makes it easier for his partner to score as there is no pressure to score quick runs...

This is not just my opinion. This the fact "Every opponent team player will get fear when he stands in front of the stumps with the bat" He is the true player I have ever seen because he play for the nation. He wont bother about his wickets or centuries, he will be playing in his own way. Many would become sachin, Bradman. But no body can become Virender Sehwag. hats off to him. legend... legend... Legend.