Top 10 Cricket Bowlers of 2014


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1 Dale Steyn

Batsmen often try to survive in Steyn's Overs. - Animefan12

I think batsman fear him because of his aggression. He is the best in the buisness

He is a nuclear bomb and a missile. World's fastest bowler and evrryone's favorite. Dake Styen

2 Saeed Ajmal

My favourite bowler is here.

I love your bowling

I like saeed ajmal

He is the current greatest spinner and one of the best spinners of all time.
He bowls in powerplays and in the end overs when batsman try to hit every thing for six, yet he has a low economy rate and gets wickets.
He bowls on all kinds of pitches and gets wickets.
He has great variations and has bamboozled great players of spin.

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3 Ravindra Jadeja

Keep your bowling good

He is a fabulous bowler

He is a good left arm bowler spcly in death overs

4 Sunil Narine

Less run and more wickets

He is chutia player

5 Mitchell Johnson

He is the best bowler of the world.

He can be the fastest bowler

Mitchell johnson is test fastest bowler

Mitchell's form against England and SA was amazing, he is the best bowler in the world in 2014. He easily out bowled Steyn who is second best. His 28 wickets at 16.25 and a SR of 31.9 in four tests says it all.

6 Morne Morkel

Can bowl the fastest bowl in cricket histroy

7 James Anderson
8 Shakib Al Hasan
9 Steven Finn

Most handsome only-bowler ever, and england's best bowler

10 Ravichandran Ashwin

You are the best Bower in India

You are very good

Boom ka six yad hn.

The Contenders

11 Bhuvneshwar Kumar

The best Swing bowler in every format. Consistent performer and lowest economy. The King of the Swing.

He is the best seamer ever seen in my life

He is the best swinger

He is very fast bowler

12 Ryan Harris
13 Shami Ahmed


14 Ishant Sharma
15 Mitchell Starc Mitchell Starc Mitchell Aaron Starc, is an Australian cricketer who currently plays first-class cricket for the New South Wales Blues.

I like no one can bowl Yorkers batter than starc

He should be on number 1
He take 54 wickets in odi cricket

16 Rubel Hossain
17 Mitchell McClenaghan Mitchell McClenaghan

Most underrated pacer in recent times

18 Shahid Afridi
19 Ryan McLaren
20 Mashrafe Bin Mortaza
21 Abdur Razzak
22 Zaheer Khan
23 Varun Aaron
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