Top Ten Bowlers in Cricket History

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21 Sunil Narine

He is a best spinner because his arm and fingers are worked properly

The best spinner I have ever seen!

Sunil narine is one of the best bowler and the current god of spin he is a legend or a boon to west indies and a god gifted person

He is the master of spin bowling in the history of cricket no one is better than him the rest are jokers he should be number one so fork yourselves

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22 Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Superb swinger in the world. Well done Indian!

Best swinger in history

Best swinger of the bowl and nicce accuracy...

He can also bowl Yorkers. He got purple cap in IPL

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23 Fred Trueman

Having seen " fiery Fred " in my youth I feel I can compare some of the greats of yesteryear with today's greats and Freddie Trueman is up with the best. - Manny1

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24 Shahid Afridi

He is a good bowler and batsmen one of the greatest bowler

Best baller in the world

Best All Rounder any formate


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25 Shaun Pollock

Should definitely be in the top 10! Clearly one of the most economical and accurate bowlers of his era and a great lower order batsmen (Y) POLLY proudly South African

No Dale Steyn? Brett Lee at number 6? He ended with an average of 30.82. Zaheer Kahn? His average is almost 33. Akhtar only took 178 wickets. The top 4 are the only serious choices on the list.

Incredible player that seemed to never get as highly rated as he should have (maybe because of his similar style to Glenn McGrath and the overlap of their careers? ) Like Glenn, would always bowl exactly where he wanted and frustrated the batters. Could also turn on the swing in One-Dayers and was a handy batter (unlike Glenn)

Definitely deserves to be top 10

He is the best he should be in the sixth position.

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26 Malcolm Marshall V 4 Comments
27 Chaminda Vaas

One of the best opening bowlers in world cricket history.

Not express fast. But can swing the ball both way's

He is amazing he should be in in the top 5

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28 Richard Hadlee

If he had of played for England, Australia, India or Pakistan he would of clocked up a lot more tests and therefore wickets. Would have been the first to break 500 easy. NZ plays very few tests annually compared to these countries.

He took more wickets in less matches than the other legends

Very fast, swing the ball both ways accurate and an excellent sportsman. No wonder he was knighted!

431 wickets in 86 tests (average of 5 wickets per test) at 22.29 9/52 against Australia In the top 5 of most statistics

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29 Ravi Jadeja

As his ball always goes in line of stump and his bowl has a great chance of catch and bolt or lbw which every for batsmen might be a problem to face.

Best bowler, best cricketer great man

He is sir jadeja best in the world

His ball is the turning ball witch goes to the stumps

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30 Courtney Walsh

17 years at the top and over 500 wickets at an average of around 24. A truly nice guy and magnificent bowler!

Accurate, relentless, leg cutter, off cutter, nasty bouncer, slower ball name em n he had it, should have been in top 5

The great bowler of every time, magneficient, awesome, marvallous, outstanding, excellent, fabulous, fantastic!

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31 Fred Spofforth

First genuine fast bowler - 1877 in the original Ashes test. Inventor of the slower ball and took 94 wickets for Australia in the 1800s at under 20

32 Mohammad Amir

Dude who ever you are, you are making a mistake to put M. Amir in 33.
He should be in top 5... He is the most most talented and best swinger of the pace bowl I'have ever seen in my life in only just in the age of 19...
He is the real king and the master of swing bowling!

In only one year he became the world most talented player in history of cricket.
He is the Death angle for the batsman,
In any condition he is the master!
Thumbsup for him guys!

What can I say about this guy.
I am speechless. Such an amazing bowler ever in cricket history.
At very young age he swing the bowl in both side.
MAn he is much better than wasim and others.
He should be at top of the list.

Amir proves homself again and again he is the best bowler cricket ever produced it would be disrespect for him to be on no 33...if he would be playing for last 6 years he would have been a major threat to the world although every one has a beginning he falls rise again and conquer the world...proud of #AMIR

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33 Shaun Tait

Fastest Bowler in Cricket History

Fastest bowler with great speed, line and length

He is the first bowler to hurt AB!

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34 Jeff Thompson

Absolutely in the top ten. Most feared fast bowler of all time, bowled upwards to 180km/h in the 74 75 seasons. This list is flawed.

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35 Graeme Swann V 2 Comments
36 Monty Panesar V 1 Comment
37 Syd Barnes

The greatest accumalator of wickets the game has ever seen

His figures, and the opinions of everyone who faced his bowling, speak for themselves.

A joke. Everyone who saw him agreed he was even further ahead of his contemporaries than Bradman. Took an 8 for against the Windies tourists in his late 50s. Bowled cutters which moved as much as true leggies at 75 mph. Whenasked why he did not develp a googlie replied that he did not need one. Obviously should be number 1.

38 Suresh Raina

Awesome bowler and a good batsmen

He is a wonderful bowler as well as a awesome batsman
V will log you a lot rains n always

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39 Kapil Dev

He is the Indian legend of bowling and the inspiration of young boys and the number one spinner of time

Long live Kapil Dev! I love you. You broke Sir Richard Hadlee's record.

He is the only bowler to bring first discipline medium pacer in the world

India'S BEST ALL ROUNDER... who have turned Indian cricket to a big journey of world cup victory
//// also conquered the world with his masterpiece length bowling/////...

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40 Richie Benaud

He was a legend in cricket history a much deserved legend

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