Top Ten Cricket Commentators of All Time

The Top Ten
1 Tony Greig

His voice will always reverberate in my ears! #Respect - sairam1087

2 Ravi Shastri

His voice is most suitable for a commentator. Like a cricketer fits himself in all formats Ravi Shastri's voice also fits in all formmats. His best commentary moment was when India won the icc world cup 2011 final he said "dhoni finishes off in style a magnificiant strike into the crowd" these words would be remembered by me till my last breadth

3 Bill Lawry
4 Michael Holding
5 Sunil Gavaskar
6 Danny Morrison

He is one of the best commentators in cricket. I really enjoy his commentary. - styLIShT

7 Harsha Bhogle
8 Michael Slater
9 Ian Smith
10 Ian Chappell
The Contenders
11 Geoffery Boycott
12 Navjot Singh Sidhu
13 Ian Botham Sir Ian Terence Botham is a former England Test cricketer and Test team captain, and current cricket commentator.
14 Ian Bishop
15 Kevin Pietersen
16 Ramiz Raja
17 Richie Benaud

No Richie? Blasphemy! - truckturner

18 Mark Taylor
19 Athar Ali Khan
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