Top 10 Crimes You May Have Committed Without Knowing It

There are crimes we all know of... Murder, Rape, Child Abuse, Drug Dealing, Theft, Fraud etc. But there is also those crimes you may not know of and you may break these without knowing it.

The Top Ten

1 Plagiarism

Have you ever got sick of thinking what to type on your assessment? If so have you copied and pasted from a website without referencing the source? If so, congratulations. You have broken the law.

I simply copied and pasted MOST of my 21-page paper about food and nutritional science. I only got 1 mark of 41%. SHAMELESS

One to many copy and paste.

2 Media piracy

Many of us have been on sprees of downloading songs for free from unofficial websites. Well then, if you have, welcome to the group of people called criminals!

Let’s face it. We’ve ALL done this.

3 Opening somebody else's mail

That's right. Ever got a piece of junk mail chucked through your letterbox? You instinctively open it then find out it was for your next door neighbour. Then you realise you broke the law... Damn.

4 Tax evasion

Let's say you're working in a restaurant and you get a lot of tips. You take the tip money home with you without notifying it to your boss because you're the one who the customers are tipping... That's right. this is a form of tax evasion and tax evasion is illegal.

This is one of those laws that piss me off so much. It's not anything to do with what you pay, it's a personal gift of money!

5 Unauthorized access

Did you know it's illegal to go on your friend's laptop if they don't allow you to? No? Well it is. Let's hope your "friend" didn't set you up and tries to sue you for it. That is a possible situation.

6 Trolling

There are many instances of trolling where someone finds themselves in the slammer. A man trolled a site dedicated to a dead teenager and his penalty was 18 weeks behind bars and he was banned from social network sites for 5 years. That's quite a price to pay for being a douche on the internet.

I guess I am going to the big house, Peace

I troll anonymously

7 Cyberbullying

Don't get too mardy on the internet to someone! You may find yourself in front of the judge as the defendant is suing your sorry self!

8 Possession of illegal substance

Have your friend ever offered you one of their prescribed pills? Better not touch it or that counts as possession of an illegal substance as you don't have that prescription!

9 Speeding

Max speed I ever reached in life: 67 km/h. With a Mercedes. In another country. And I'm a kid.

I think almost everyone who drives has done this.

10 Fraud

Ever messed around with a friend's profile on Facebook after they forgot to log off changing all their information? Well, that is a type of fraud as transmission of false information is a variation of internet fraud.

The Contenders

11 Theft

Stealing pencils and scissors is a crime?

Most people steal.

12 Destroying property
13 Disturbing the peace
14 Littering

I literally just took a walk and littered my takie bag

15 Misusing the 911 system

Well, 911 is for emergencies

16 Jaywalking
17 Inflicting Pain
18 Arson
19 Loitering
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