Top 10 Most Cringe Inducing Lists by TheTopTens User Jeffery0206

My old account Jeffery0206 had a lot of cringe inducing lists.... let's get into the cringe barrel shall we?

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1 Top 10 Reasons Why Metal Fans are Worse Than Pop Fans

Probably the most hated list on my old account, I didn't even know what the hell I was thinking when I made that list with my old account.

2 Top 10 Things Three Days Grace Fans Should Stop Complaining About

I don't even know how to explain this list...

3 Top 10 Ways Rock & Metal are Different

A lot of terrible reasons it makes me cringe just looking at the list.

4 Top 10 Reasons Why People Should Stop Comparing Three Days Grace to Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park and Nickelback

Trust me it's a very cringy list.

5 Top 10 Rock Bands that Will Not Be Forgotten

;-; This list is just pure cringe you'll see for yourself.

6 Top 10 Rock Bands that Teens Enjoy

I should've called this list "Top 10 bands that I enjoy" but with my old account I wasn't exactly well bright...

7 Top 10 Fictional Characters that Have Really Gone Downhill

Ugh.. what was I thinking with that list?

8 Top 10 Rock Bands that Have Improved a Lot

This list was honestly not only cringe inducing looking back on it but also half-assed.

9 Top 10 Most Unique and Intriguing Three Days Grace Songs

Surprised this list wasn't merged either.

10 Top Ten Characters You Wish Would Die

This list wasn't as bad as "Top 10 Reasons why Metal Fans Are Worse Than Pop Fans" but eh it wasn't exactly good either.

He Put Silver On The List!
And That Was Really Mean To Fans

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11 Top 10 Most Unique and Intriguing Saint Asonia Songs

Honestly this list should've been merged it's just a rip off of best Saint Asonia songs.

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