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41 Norm of the North
42 The Lion King

I'm not saying I hate it because it's a kids movie (there are plenty of kids media that are lovable, such as Pokemon for instance), I hate it because it promotes prejudice, portrayed a whole species in a negative light instead of a few individuals, is a ripoff or mockbuster of a famous anime and a few other stories, and is very offensive to people like me who have a mental illness, since the characters I most can relate to are the villains whom I hate as much as I hate the protagonists in the film. I want to be a hero, not a villain, yet the movie doesn't think so. It does not deserve to be considered a "good movie that everyone who has a good taste in movie likes it or lists it as one of the top greatest movies of all time" and this is why I try to list TLK in every worst list on TheTopTens as much as possible so people can be more aware how awful it is (which is true) instead of seeing it as what it's not. It's so offensive it reeks... Not only I feel this way but I assume some ...more

Stfu. The Lion King is a great movie. "I hate it because it promotes prejudice." No, it tells us that violence isn't the answer to things. They just use violence like any other kids movies about lions. You have mental issues, kid. - JakePlaid

What?! Lion King's a great movie. - JakePlaid

Elton John makes you cringe?!?!?! - SavageLG

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43 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Boring, lack of creativity, very poor story, too predictable, and the characters act selfish.

44 Oogieloves: The Big Balloon Adventure

I could totally see this being cringe. I read the reviews, the rates, etc. Definitely part of the search for the worst. - SavageLG

45 Where the Dead Go to Die
46 Disaster Movie
47 Epic Movie
48 Son of the Mask
49 Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred
50 Transmorphers
51 Transmorphers: Fall of Man
52 Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess
53 Sid the Science Kid: The Movie
54 Caillou's Holiday Movie
55 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Better than the Phantom Menace. Lol - JakePlaid

Terrible Story, Terrible Visuals, Nothing new to the Table, Everyone Dies, Just An Atrocious Film - VideoGamefan5

Phantom menace is awful, but this and epsiode 2 are worse - VideoGamefan5

@JakePlaid, Excuse me, But your grammar isn't any better, your not that smart - VideoGamefan5

You're insulting my grammar, yet you can't spell you're correctly. Lol. How was my grammar bad? - JakePlaid

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56 The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!
57 Howard the Duck
58 Inspector Gadget
59 That's My Boy
60 Cool Cat Saves the Kids
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