Top 10 Most Cringeworthy Song Lyrics

I have done a list with the most cringy song lyrics of all time. You can add as many songs as you like

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Licking your private parts - Privacy by Chris Brown

This is by far the worst lyric in the song. Terrible. Chris Brown? More like Chris Clown!

And this is one of the more tame lyrics in the song...

That sounds painful. Worst part:the song is called PRIVACY!

Cringey and disturbing at the same time.

About to eat some good food, like dog poop (YUMMY YUM) - Stinko Foot by Submarine Man

Excuse me while I go barf

Your foot stinks from stepping in dog poop.

Oh my goodness Submarine

I’m going to vomit after listening to this.

I'm the S**t I'm Fartin', I Don't Know How to Potty - Kodak Black - Drowning

Potty? I didn't know a two year old ghostwrote this.

Who wrote this a three year old?

Well yeah, Kodak Black, you are sh**

I doodoo, I poopoo, I doodoo, I s**t on 'em - S**t On 'Em by Gorilla Zoe

As much as Gorilla Zoe is terrible, I had no idea he was that stupid that some of his lyrics sound like they are straight out of a Submarine Man song. This is embarrassing.

Now this is just embarrassing.

Sounds like a 6 year old who just learned how to swear.


I just asked your girl please, get on your knees, grab the tip and squeeze, please don't use your teeth, it really hurts - Bet by Octavian, Michael Phantom, and Skepta

This entire song is a cringe fest. Also, these "wonderful" lyrics were said by Skepta, a guy who I actually thought said intelligent stuff. Really, Skepta?

We all know what this song is talking about

Make that p***y fart - Whistle While You Twerk by Ying Yang Twins

The worst of the worst


Ok then.

Got a booger in my nose, A Boogie on the chorus - Reminiscing by Kodak Black

Nobody needed to know that, Kodak. Every time I start to think Kodak might have some potential, I find a lyric like this.

Wow, didn't know that. I guess this lyric isn't really that bad then. But there's still no excuse for that "I don't know how to potty" lyric. - DaWyteNight

Why are three year olds writing songs again?

She made my dick erect - Bet by Octavian, Michael Phantom, and Skepta

Hey, at least it's better than "she blow me like a tuba" or "she blow that d like a cello"

No one cares, Michael.

Good to know

Never knew chocolate milk make you fart real bad - I'm Only Human by Rick Ross

Yeah and I didn't care to either

I know you smell the perfume - SESE by 6ix9ine

The Newcomers

? Got another 150, stick your finger in your butt - P***y Lips on Live by Boosie Badazz

Boosie needs to stop this lol.

? Put that phone right between your thighs, we goin' live! - P***y Lips On Live by Boosie Badazz

The Contenders

I'm the s**t like I slithered in poo - Hop Is Back by Hopsin

I like Hopsin, but even I can't let this one slide.

Watch me yuuu watch me superman - Watch Me by Silento
Cardiana, I was home with my kid, Mommiana - Thotiana (Cardi B Remix) by Blueface
Cause you know in the BAD days, they were always said they were in; THEY HAD TO FAKE BEING OUT OF COMPACTOR! We can tell soy boys today; heh, you are OUT, bad boy-YAI! - I Love The Smelly Feet by Submarine Man
So what percentage of the show would I be taking? - The Other Side by Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron

While this song isn't bad by any means, this is still cringy because it doesn't make sense outside of The Greatest Showman.

You wanna know how I know I'm the s**t? Cause I keep clogging up the toilet - Disgusting by J. Cole

Oh my God Cole, disgusting is right!

Are you into astrology cause I'm, I'm tryin to make it to Uranus - Gettin it in by Kanye West

That's actually a pretty funny pick up line

Too bad he got astronomy and astrology mixed up lol.

That's actually funny wordplay

omggg HA

We lit, we lit, we lit and you gotta admit - We lit by Lil Shizz
I'm the butt police, and I'm looking at your rear, rear, rear - Eminem - Numb
For foot stumps with all of the dog poop - Socks Off by Submarine Man
Killing you with the compactor, Old Man Dad he in doodle mode - Stinko Foot by Submarine Man
Fly like Magic Carpet - Friend Like Me by Will Smith & DJ Khaled

Compared to that god awful line from Privacy, this is totally fine.

I ain't never been the one to gasp, but I had no idea it could taste like that - Apple Berry Nana by Eric Bellinger

Yeah pretty sure you did Eric, as all your songs are about that.

Somehow this just turned into footi Friday - Footi Friday by Submarine Man

Freaky Friday reference (the song) not the movie

Newest president an a*shole, I guess that's why I'm leavin' turd stains - Distorted Records by A$AP Rocky

This one actually makes me laugh for some reason

So Get Up Out My Face, You Doo-Doo Head Dummy - Yahhh! by Soulja Boy

How mature

Blow me like a bagpipe - Wax by Juicy J
Is this the real sprite - Bohemian Rhapsody by Lil Meerkat

No, it’s Sprite Cranberry

I woke up old man dead, oh smeet I'm the man - Footi Friday by Submarine Man
I can go acapella and beatbox too And go with an instrumental, and vocals too I can go with backing vocals by Sakooni! I can go with everything, I'm Submarine Man - Water Acapella by Submarine man
Inhale the memes, exhale the memes, inject the memes into my bloodstream; there are good memes, and there are bad memes; WHY HAS GOD ABANDONED US (HELP ME) - Meme Machine by Filthy Frank
Drop it, make it wobble, girl, I love it when you poppin' it. Gobble, need that bobble, get the genie out the bottle - Type a Way by Eric Bellinger

No "cringy song lyrics" list is complete, without the edition of some Eric Bellinger!

I get the poop freshly baked from the doggy dog butt (skrrt, poop, scoop) - Dog Walk by Submarine Man

Awfully gross



Every month is February-ary, you know I don't like watching movies if they scary-ary, let's eat a bowl of cereal and watch some Tom & Jerry, maybe we'll go out and chew on some berries, cause I know pretty girls like pizza - Year Round by Eric Bellinger
T-Series has put a devil in-SIDE ME - Bohemian Rhapsody by Lil Meerkat

Even funnier if you deliberately spike up your audio volume at the exact moment when he goes all-caps

I love a nasty girl who swallow what's on the menu - Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross

I actually like this song but this line would make me feel embarrassed if I listened to it around other people.

Cause I'm that Footi Footi Footi Footi Footi, I'm that Footi - Footi Friday by Submarine Man
I just PULLED up with my feet; smelled that foot up out in KOR(EA), then I SMELLED her cousin's bare feet, or her sister, I just smell feet, and my FOOT is killing stockings - I Love The Smelly Feet by Submarine Man
Submarine Man is the Submarine Man; everybody sees I smell my feet, on the beat, with my meat, but I am vegan, so I don't eat any meat - Feet In The Air by Submarine Man

One of the only actually child-unsafe lyrics in any Submarine Man song

I’m just a bad boy and always lose in Fortnite - Bohemian Rhapsody by Lil Meerkat

Never put Fornite in a song. EVER.

Skills mate.

Holy S**T, I can't hold this S**T, my bowel's looser - Lil Wayne - glory

Can we safely admit that Lil Wayne is one of the worst lyrical rappers of all time?

Lil Wayne, nobody cares about your bowels, how you're the s**t and other rappers are just poop stains, or how you have 10 bathrooms and can s**t all day.

You look so good, I'd suck on your daddy's d**k - Me and My B***h by The Notorious B.I.G.

One of the worst pick-up lines ever.

You might got more cash than me, but you ain't got the skills to eat a n***a's a*s like me - Second Round KO by Canibus

I hope I don't have to explain what is wrong with this lyric

That p***y wet, she my little mermaid. Not just the tongue, I'mma use my whole face - Throw It Back by Chris Brown

This is worse than that lyric in Privacy for me.

While I'm fingering your butt - Cattitude by Miley Cyrus & RuPaul

Now I remember why I try to avoid Miley Cyrus and her music.

I think I'll stick with Mother's Daughter.

This is laughably bad

These n****s think they the s*** and they ain't even farted yet - Last Call by J. Cole

No wonder why Cole said he let Nas down.

I walked up to a big butt, and asked her a*s 'butt what?' - Lil Wayne - Good Time

How is this last on the list?
Edit: get it first!

What the heck?

Ask Beavis, I get nothing butthead - 98 Freestyle by Big L
I was bout to eat your p***y but that s**t stank, girl I wanna eat your p***y but I just can't - Big Bank by Kodak Black
She's a bad b***h made up of magic - The National Manthem by Little Mix

Sounds like something a 12 year old would say

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