Cross Browser Testing Platforms

Cross browser testing is as important as creating a website. Testing application in multiple browsers is a tedious task for every developer while developing web pages. Also, there are a number of browsers that do not support multiple versions installed at a time.

Moreover having an infrastructure were you have all devices, browsers, OS and team physically present to test a web application is highly rare and is definitely not a cost effective way.

So here we present you with a list of top 10 platforms for Cross Browser Testing:

The Top Ten

1 LambdaTest LambdaTest

Great Tool, I am using it for 6 months now and have faced no issues.

LambdaTest offers the most number of Browser & OS combinations to test your web application on. Its user interface is simple and it is really easy to perform cross browser testing in just few clicks. Launched in 2017 in just one year it has acquired 30000+ users worldwide. LambdaTest integrates with top test management and bug tracking tools like Asana, Slack, JIRA etc. The user can log a bug in just one click and push into these tools. - Jahmed2345

2 Spoon Browser Sandbox:

After LambdaTest, I would recommend the Browser Sandbox, it is one of the powerful cross-browser testing tools available in the market. It also supports almost all latest & legacy web and mobile browsers. It also supports backward compatibility. It won’t take you to install web browsers on your machine, you have to only click on RUN to download these browsers from Microsoft and install onto your account. - Jahmed2345

3 BrowseEm All

BrowseEmAll is an on-premise tool for cross-browser compatibility testing on Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can Record & Play to automate browser testing using Selenium without any code. The platform lacks a good UI experience. - Jahmed2345

4 Testing Bot

Instantly test on any browser through TestingBot's cloud-based Selenium grid. It supports different versions of Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can test on different frameworks like Appium, PHP, Java, Ruby, and Node.js, and can manually debug an automated test with recorded logs. - Jahmed2345

5 MultiBrowser

MultiBrowser was introduced to the market in 2014 and has been progressing since then. It provides real standalone browsers to help you avoid the pain that comes with managing a testing lab. It offers everything in comparison to its competitors. - Jahmed2345

6 Browsershots

The Browsershots platform is a treat for people who work as freelancers. An open-source platform where you can test from a variety of browser, the UI is a bit of a disaster, but you can’t really complain if it's open-source. They don’t offer live VM testing. Also, the time taken for test completion could be fairly more, to compensate that they offer a Priority Processing for $29.95/month. - Jahmed2345

7 Saucelabs

A big household name in the cross-browser compatibility domain, Saucelabs provides cloud-based automated test coverage. Perform your testing on Appium or Selenium on web and mobile apps. Although, their overall testing experience is a bit laggy. - Jahmed2345

8 Browserstack

Browserstack is another big name in the cross-browser testing industry, with a large variety of browsers for you to choose from, claiming to be “the only testing infrastructure you need.” - Jahmed2345

9 Cross Browser Testing

The name makes it obvious. Cross Browser Testing was the first vendor in the market for addressing cross-browser compatibility issues. Being the first vendor has it's downsides. Late entries are bound to aim for a better build. This tool offers every feature in comparison with the ones mentioned above. You can perform manual and automaedn testing on VMs running through real physical devices. - Jahmed2345

10 Browserling

Browserling provides a very basic UI with simple drop-down selections of browsers and OS. In comparison to other competitors, their speed is pretty slow, but they are updated in terms of the latest browsers. They are working on bringing screen-sharing for browser testing sessions to hasten the problem-solving. - Jahmed2345

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