Greatest Cross Country Skiers of All Time

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1 Bjørn Dæhlie

He got caught using drugs most of his career and admits to doing it. Should not be #1!

He have NEVER been caught using doping, NEVER have he admited using doping eather. The clowns above are plain out lying and should reference such horrible claims. I urge all of you to do your own search if you don't believe me. These are bad losers trying, pathetic really, and really cowardly.

Won trhough drugs. Even admitted it after his career.

Olympics: 8 gold medals, 4 sliver medals
World Championship: 9 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 3 bronze medals - torsja29

2 Petter Northug

Best of all time

3 Dario Cologna

4 time individual Olympic champion, individual World champion, 4 time overall World cup winner, 4 time distance World cup winner, 4 time Tour de ski winner. The most decorated Tour de ski male athlete of all the time and the only cross country skier to win 3 times the same event in the olympic games in row. What else need to say?

Great athlete and authentic, humble person, the first Swiss superstar in cross country.

Awesome competitor in big races

Class act all the way and great champion. 5 Olympic Golds!

4 Marit Bjørgen

He is a man competing in womens races. - tuckerplace

She is good and all but does she win nearly as much without being allowed to take her prohibited substances "asthma medication" *snickers* - morrislawes

Hate her, way overrated.

I don't like drug cheats!

5 Thomas Alsgaard

Was always in shadow of Daehlie due to Daehlie's drug use and asthma problems. Which was a shame.

6 Larisa Lazutina

Shameful doper! Glad she got busted at Salt Lake City to end her phony career.

Used drugs at the end of her career, but at least she didn't do it her whole career like Marit Man-organ. - quackerpacker

Another bigtime doper like Blormgen, Dallie, Myllala, and Yegorova.

7 Yelena Välbe

Amazing champion. So much talent and great work ethic.

Not only a great skiier but a really great lady. Love and miss her so much!

Best female skiier ever. didn't need drugs like Marit Man-organ or many of her teammates. - quackerpacker

8 Gunde Svan
9 Johan Grøttumsbråten
10 Thorleif Haug

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11 Veikko Hakulinen
12 Vladimir Smirnov

His performances at the 93 and 95 worlds, and 94 olympics were amazing. The best skiier in the world those 3 years.

13 Stefania Belmondo
14 Mika Myllylä
15 Johannes Høsflot Klæbo


16 Johan Olsson
17 Charlotte Kalla

Imagine how many more golds and medals she would have without doper Marit.

Should be way higher. Amazing athlete.

The future of the sport!

Should be way higher. Lower than her far inferior teammate Anna Haag!?!?

18 Juha Mieto
19 Therese Johaug
20 Thomas Wassberg
21 Harald Grønningen
22 Beckie Scott

A pioner for Canada! And won even against dopers and cheaters like Bjoergen, Lazutina, Danilova, Neumanova.

23 Johann Mühlegg

One word: CHEAT

24 Jessica Diggins
25 Hallgeir Brenden
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