Top Ten Cross Fight B-Daman

The Top Ten

1 Smash Dragold

To me, Smash Dragold is 6 Types. Power Type, Control Type, Rapid Fire Type, Combo Type, Special Type and Dragon Type. Dragold has 4 Modes, Power Mode, Sniper Mode, Rush Mode and Ultimate Mode. For Power Mode, attach the wings to the slots in the Power Block. Sniper:Attach wings to core. Rush:On the head. Ultimate:Take the wings of Drazeros and attach to arm, horn from Dragren to crest, wheel from Dravise to feet, Drive Strip from Dracyan to core of Dragold. His user is Rudy Sumeragi.

2 Accele Dracyan

The main B-Daman of the show has a special drive to hit twice with one marble. His user is Riki Ryugasaki.

3 Rev Draviser

Has the most Rapid Fire of the first season of Crossfight and his user is Samuru Shigami.

Sorry, I made this, I accidentaly added an R to Dravise

4 Twin Drazeros

He can shoot 2 marbles at once with the help of the elongated Core and Trigger. His user is a thug, Basara Kurochi.

5 Force Dragren

Is a Control Type and the 4 claws represent the 4 Dragons. His user is the awesome evil Novu Moru, or people say, Naoya Homura.

6 Loading Diles

ANCIENT MYSTERY! User:Alba Cocodoro

7 Drift Jacker

Awesome modes, user:Asuka Kami

8 Stroke Orochi

Really accurate, user:Reggie Mak

9 Burst Bison

Really powerful, no spring. User:Gunner Arano

10 Round Tigare

Very weak but has Control and rapid fire. User:Derek Watari, and this combines with Force Dragren.

The Contenders

11 Drive Garuburn

Guys don't think only give vote to this b daman

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