Top Ten Crossfire B-daman

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1 Thunder Dracyan

It is not a right list. The dragons should be in top five and Dracyan should be in 1st because it is the overall champion!

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2 Smash Dragold

This is so the worst list ever. Up here is spelled as DOUBLE DRAZEROS, and why would Gunner Arano's B-Daman be better than Dracyan? And, it's Thunder Bison, not bull, Diles is fine but not really this high, Drift Jacker? How would Jacker be better than Dracyan and Jacker is weak. Dragren should be higher being a Legendary Dragon, Dravise should be WAY higher, Dracyan has seriously have to be at least in the top 5. Bearga is a power type that is very weak, not a good B-Daman. Cobra is good, just maybe should be like 8, it's a good B-Daman, with a chrome core but not in the Japanese Version.

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3 Double Drazerous

Awesome power as well as double rapid fire!

Shoots 2 marbles. With extreme power.

4 Lightning Dravise

Dravise is the very FIRST, and the very BEST! Why did you put him on number 4? You should vote IT!

This is a worst list 1st should be thunder dracyan, lightnining dravise should be 2nd. I have lightning dravise I never lost battle.

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5 Lightning Diles

This sucks

6 Strike Dragren
7 Thunder Bearga

I have it and I just easily beat with it SO MUCH POWA!

8 Thunder Bull

It's not thunder bull it's thunder bison

Best trigger and stability.

9 Thunder Bison
10 Drift Jacker

The Contenders

11 Strike Cobra
12 Lightning Dracyan

Good rapid fire with some control

13 Kreis Raydra

Coolest control type ever!

14 Strike Avian
15 Rising Dracyan
16 Drive Garuburn

It is the best b daman which has both power and rapid fire and it look very cool and it's red colour is very shiny.

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