Top Ten CrossFit Gyms In the US

CrossFit in its current form began in 2000. Since then, it has grown and grown with no end in sight. In 2005 there were just 13 CrossFit affiliated gyms. Now there are over 7,000. In fact, opening a CrossFit gym is a potentially sound business venture considering that you have a 98% chance of success when you open one.

With the number of participants growing day by day, and the number of gyms (or "boxes" as they are called in the CrossFit world) also increasing, you might find yourself in a situation where you can pick and choose which gym to workout in. In fact, in some towns there is a question of oversaturation, causing gyms to compete with each other for clients.

Below is a list of the top ten CrossFit boxes, or gyms, in the United States. This list is based on quality of training, variety of equipment and services, and the overall culture of the members. The format is the name of the gym, then the city, state it is located in. Be sure to say why the gym is the best...

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21 CFP the Pitt - Pittsfield, Massachusetts
22 Roanoke Valley CrossFit - Roanoke, Virginia

Crossfit Roanoke Valley has been a life changer for me. I started at zero fitness level at age 50 and found a welcoming, nonjudgmental, and very encouraging atmosphere. The highly trained coaches and members are always ready to encourage, help and make working out fun. Even though we work hard the time goes by really fast because your completely engaged and having fun, the programming is ever changing, progressive and interesting. It is also scalable, so even though I work out with some uber athletes, I am always getting a great workout, making improvements and I can feel great about what my body can do too. Progress here is trackable and the improvements are impressive. I always leave Roanoke Valley Crossfit feeling better than I did when I got there. I have made leaps and bounds in my ability to function in the gym as well as in everyday life. I feel and function like I am 10+ years younger in just 6 months training here. The time commitment for the results is impressive! All I have ...more

I've been a member of RVCF since April 2012 and in that time I've learned that I am stronger than I thought I was and can do things I didn't think were possible. I am also having a lot of fun doing basic body weight movements and skill work that I haven't done successfully since I was in elementary school - climbing ropes, pull-ups, push-ups, jumping rope, etc... I have always been active and have competed in mostly endurance events, but I am much stronger since joining RVCF. As a middle-aged (ouch.. ) woman I know how important it is to remain active and do weight lifting so that I can remain vital and strong for another 50 years. As a professional I know how important exercise is to mental agility and confidence. The coaches at RVCF are awesome. Don't let anyone tell you that CrossFit is extreme exercise. Bull! We are doing basic mobility, body weight, and weight lifting exercises. No one has pushed me to do anything that has been dangerous for me or beyond my capabilities. I ...more

I am a new member at Roanoke Valley Crossfit as well as a first time Crossfitter. I feel welcomed by everyone I talk to in my time slot They are always willing to answer any questions that I may have. The coaches are knowledgeable and there is emphasis placed on proper form to avoid injury. If I need to scale a movement because I lack the strength to perform the real thing, the coach is always there to help me make modifications. I never feel like I am failing because I can not do a real pull up, muscle up or a dip yet. I am being taught moves that will progress me to being able to. It is an awesome feeling when you finish in the gym. I wish I had done this a decade ago. I have a lot further to travel on my road to fitness, but know that Tim and the other coaches will help me succeed. -Sara Arrington

It will change your life if you let it!

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23 CrossFit Wicked - Middleton, Massachusetts
24 CrossFit Southie - Boston, Massachusetts

I’ve been to boxes up and down the East Coast and this has been by far my favorite - not one but TWO side by side converted warehouses next to each other allows them to stagger classes every 30 Minutes during peak times. Tons of equipment, including separate Oly and Powerlifting areas. Super knowledgeable coaching staff thst caters to Games level competitors and beginners alike. Love this place.

25 CrossFit 248 - Farmington Hills, Michigan

CrossFit 248 is run by people who love CrossFit and love coaching others in CrossFit. The gym has great programming, quality equipment, a wide variety of classes and is run by exert coaches certified in many different areas of fitness. The gym has a ton of fun an has developed a tight knit community of athletes pursuing constant improvements in their health and fitness. CrossFit 248 was also recently voted one of the Top 5 CrossFit affiliates in Metro Detroit by CBS News!

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26 Salt Lake City CrossFit - Salt Lake City, Utah

They should definitely be thrown into the mix. Best gym in Utah HANDS DOWN!

27 CrossFit Max Effort - Las Vegas, Nevada

Best drop in box to visit. Great trainers and facility.

28 CrossFit Solus - Sherman, Texas

Established in 2009, CrossFit Solus has had a unique program from day one. Our community is such a wide variety of age groups and ability levels. Because of this, Solus has been passionate about making CrossFit accessible for ALL skill levels. They have always provided a LITE class for the very beginner athlete, an on going Foundations conditioning class for intermediates and endurance athletes and a full scaled Barbell CrossFit class for intermediate to advanced. The Solus coaches are highly qualified and the community of members are second to none. We are the best kept secret in north Texas!

Awesome box! Great community of people that truly care about fitness and friendships!

29 CrossFit Roots - Boulder, Colorado

Absolute attention to detail and virtuous coaching. My favorite box!

30 CrossFit Aggieland - College Station, Texas

Crossfit Aggieland is an awesome box! The trainers are amazing and such a spirited community.

31 CrossFit Marysville - Marysville, Washington
32 CrossFit Countdown - Ashland, Kentucky

Awesome atmosphere great coaches especially in Olympic Weightlifting.

33 CrossFit Verve - Denver, Colorado
34 Peak 360 CrossFit - South Miami, Florida

Community, health, fitness and overall good vibes year round... Plus you get to workout with and be coached by Games Athletes; Guido Trinidad and Noah Ohlsen!

35 CrossFit ATP - Dania Beach, Florida
36 Plymouth CrossFit - Canton, Michigan

This is the best crossfit gym hands down! Amazing community very large and everyone supports each other. They have extremely knowledgable staff all very skilled in their crafts! The best olympic lifting, running, and crossfit competition training around. They also make sure to spend lots of time going over proper nutrition!

37 CrossFit Aliquid - Staunton, Virginia

At crossfit aliquid you get a variety of workouts. You get your beginner workouts all the way up to your more advanced workouts. Coach joe is like a ninja. You can be in the back and he is in the front talking to someone and you miss a lift and all of a sudden he will be yelling at you to stay tight and push to the sky... I didn't even know he was watching me. He sure knows how to make you feel appreciated.

38 Vintage CrossFit - Houston, Texas
39 CrossFit Gold Rush - Grass Valley, California
40 Barbell Brigade - Los Angeles, California

Strong family.. Enough said

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