Roanoke Valley CrossFit - Roanoke, Virginia


If you were to limit your criteria to just the level of knowledge of the coaches... or just to the quality of the equipment... or just to the feeling of community among the members----Roanoke Valley Crossfit would still be in the top 10. But when you factor in the commitment to EACH and EVERY member by ALL the coaches... you have moved it into the top 5. Then when you factor in the willingness to help members beyond just the exercise routines... the nutrition, the less obvious known factors affecting your performance (amount of sleep, what time you're eating/working out, etc. ), the small nuances (slight change of grip/foot position/placement of hands on the bar/etc. ) you cannot help but place RVCF at the very top of any serious crossfit discussion.
This is a box that a small city like Roanoke VA is lucky to have. It could just as well belong in Atlanta, New York or some other large city.

I have seen amazing changes both physically and mentally in less than a year. This is not your typical box... the coaches are knowledgeable, inspirational and top notch. The athletes I lift with are so motivating that I want to push for myself and each of them. I have always been encouraged to work to my abilities (scaling when necessary) and strive for my best effort. I have also changed my eating habits as a result of box education and special challenges. I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life and I owe it to those who inspire me. If you have not tried CF, this is a great box to check out... we truly have a unique offering! Stacey

Roanoke Valley CrossFit was named one of the Top 17 Boxes in the country bye Shape Magazine. RVCF is a gym that offers a rare degree of expert instruction and personal attention from experienced and uniquely qualified coaches and trainers. These qualities and our commitment to excellence have earned us a reputation of quality, leadership, and honesty making us the source for trainer and coach education in addition to local client service in the Roanoke Valley and South West Virginia.

Roanoke Valley is one of the few CrossFit Gyms that uses a annual plan. This approach is important in that it directs and guides athletic training over a year. It is based on the concept of periodization and the principles of training. The objective of training is to reach a high level of performance (peak performance) and an athlete has to develop skills, biomotor abilities and psychological traits in a methodical manner.

Preparatory phase
This phase consists of the general preparation and specific preparation. Usually the general preparation is the longest of the two phases and the specific preparation is the shortest.

Competitive phase
This phase may contain a few main competitions each containing a pre-competitive and a main competition. Within the main competition, an uploading phase and a special preparatory phase may be included.

Transition phase
This phase is used to facilitate psychological rest, relaxation and biological regeneration as well as ...more - coachmaverick

I feel so blessed to have found this place. The trainers are great and I am inspired and motivated because of the encouragement I receive and the helping hand I get from these pros (and also from the wonderful members who all seem happy to be there). What a great place! Thank you Valley CrossFit!

The coaches are awesome and work with athletes of all abilities. They never push us to do things that we're not ready for. They stress how important the fundamentals are to being able to move on to more challenging movements and lifts. I am having a great time!

The coaching is second to none. Our family leads from the front by example from the top. Our coaches and owners are leaders inside and out of the gym. Truly and honor to have found this place. Its more than a gym. It's a collection of people from all walks and backgrounds brought together by common goals of strength and fitness and wellness. But realize in the proscess of going all in at RVCF we are making our community a better place to live. Lead from the front. Be awesome

This place ROCKS! These coaches CARE and HELP and ENCOURAGE and make me feel GOOD about myself. I am hooked! My body protests if I don't make it to the box every day. I crave it! Best gym I've ever been to.

CrossFit gets a lot of Hype for "community" and being "Trendy". But the truth is that CrossFit is hands down the best way to train... But only if applied properly. RVCF sets aside the trends and the hype other gyms slam in your face. RVCF focuses on what you really joined for in the first place... Your fitness! Truly a world class weightlifting and strength and conditioning gym. - coachmaverick

Awesome place to train with the best coaches in the world with the biggest hearts!

It is by far the best part of my day... Coach Tim is a mad genius. - MikeHenson

There is no other place like it! It is AWESOME in every sense of the word

I LOVE this BOX and these people! Roanoke Valley Crossfit has changed my life for the better!

Absolutely the real deal in CrossFit. The owners are amazing, and the coaches are top notch!

Roanoke Valley CrossFit contains only motivating, passionate and dedicated coaches!
I love the people, the community atmosphere and the knowledge!
A very Awesome place with very Awesome people!

The only gym that really cares about your results.

RVCF offers something completely different. We lift a lot and we love it. Strength is what builds a solid foundation, and there is no denying we are a strong group.

It will change your life if you let it!

LOVE the staff members! I've gained so much strength and confidence since starting at RVCF 7 months ago

Over my 2.5 years at RVCF, I have transformed to a motivated, happier, and 100x stronger Human. Between the Top-Notch Coaching and strong comradery between members, I still find myself stoked for each class everyday.

The key word for RVCF is supervision---a coach is always there to correct and guide you. This is crucial for Crossfit, the atmosphere at RVCF negates the picture of Crossfit as an invitation for injury. Can't ask for more than that!

I love RVCF. Its an awesome place with excellent coaches. Here you will find the perfect combination of hard training and encouragement when you need it most. Since joining RVCF I am much stronger and healthier!

The family atmosphere at Rvcf is amazing. Everyone welcomes you iand everyone supports you no matter what level you are at. If you are a compitition athlete or an old guy like me trying to get back into shape the coaches and other athletes are here to push and support you all the way.