Top Ten Crossovers SpongeBob Would Never Do


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1 SpongeBob and Blue's Clues
2 SpongeBob and South Park

Wow this would totally not happen - SOUTHPARKFANHH

Ya innapropite adult sexy and nude porn showing and a kids and nice happy funny and kinda adult like show ya never would

3 SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer

I would actually like to this one. Even though I hate Dora, this one would be kind of funny.

4 SpongeBob and the Hills Have Eyes
5 SpongeBob and Jerry Springer
6 SpongeBob and High School Musical

High School Musical is over, unless you count some new T.V. series that would probably have 1 or 2 seasons.

7 SpongeBob and Fanboy and Chum Chum
8 SpongeBob and Keeping Up With the Kardashians

This would be so bad it would be funny - PatrickStar

9 SpongeBob and Big Brother

(sarcasm) Sure! We can put Brenchal on SpongeBob! They would be TOTALLY appropriate and a PERFECT role model! - Turkeyasylum

10 SpongeBob and Breadwinners

The Contenders

11 SpongeBob and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
12 SpongeBob and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Hey this is a good one a very good one.

13 SpongeBob and Sanjay and Craig
14 SpongeBob and Jersey Shore
15 Spongebob and Pretty Little Liars

Five reasons why it would be an awful idea to put those two shows as a crossover
1. The youngers fans will watch Pretty Little Liars
2. The audience is different. PLL is for teenagers and SpongeBob is for kids
3. SpongeBob is a cartoon, PLL is a live action
4. PLL is a drama, something that SpongeBob isn't
5. SpongeBob is crap, PLL is awesome - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I'm surprised this is below a lot of decent ideas. I will give five reasons why it should be on top of the list.
1. Younger SpongeBob fans will watch Pretty Little Liars, which is a bad idea.
2. The audience is different. SpongeBob is for kids, PLL is for teenagers.
3. PLL is a drama, something that SpongeBob isn't
4. SpongeBob is a cartoon, PLL is a live-action
5. Both shows are good, but not in the same level (PLL>Old SpongeBob>New SpongeBob). - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

16 SpongeBob and Mario

That will be awesome seeing Mario and spongebob working together to save princess peach for the 10,0,0,0 time you know how coll it would be, AWESOME!

I would like that idea - TheKirbyCreeper999

17 SpongeBob and Kill La Kill

The episode would probably be rated T.V. -MA.

18 SpongeBob and Robot Chicken

Never SpongeBob is a kids cartoon and robot chicken is for adults

They already made a Robot Chicken episode with SpongeBob

19 SpongeBob and Gravity Falls
20 SpongeBob and Family Guy

I like family guy, but crossing over with SpongeBob would be bad - TheKirbyCreeper999

21 SpongeBob and Total Drama Island

What would it be? Heather abusing Squidward? No thanks. - Turkeyasylum

22 SpongeBob and A Nightmare on Elm Street
23 SpongeBob and Angela Anaconda

24 SpongeBob and Fred Figglehorn

I would really hate that ide - TheKirbyCreeper999

25 SpongeBob and the Simpsons
26 SpongeBob and Harry Potter
27 SpongeBob and Danny Phantom
28 SpongeBob and Paw Patrol
29 SpongeBob and Friday the 13th
30 SpongeBob and The Brothers Grunt
31 SpongeBob and The Thing

What do you mean the thing the thing from the fantastic four?

32 SpongeBob and The Brothers Flub
33 SpongeBob and The Slim Shady Show
34 SpongeBob and Mega Babies
35 SpongeBob and Allen Gregory
36 SpongeBob and Drawn Together
37 SpongeBob and The Last House on the Left
38 SpongeBob and American Horror Story
39 SpongeBob and The Cramp Twins
40 SpongeBob and Magic Mike
41 SpongeBob and A Clockwork Orange
42 SpongeBob and Ray William Johnson
43 SpongeBob and Workaholics
44 SpongeBob and The Annoying Orange

That wouldn't be a bad idea

45 SpongeBob and The Nostalgia Critic
46 SpongeBob and The Exorcist
47 SpongeBob and The Angry Video Game Nerd
48 SpongeBob and Bee Movie
49 SpongeBob and Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon"
50 SpongeBob and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
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