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1 Transformers & Bionicle
2 Crash Bandicoot vs Spyro The Dragon

2 of my favourite childhood games would be awesome to see happen

3 Kingdom Hearts vs The Lord Of The Rings
4 Kingdom Hearts vs Harry Potter
5 Harry Potter vs The Lord Of The Rings
6 Jurassic Park vs The Last Of Us
7 Uncharted vs Indiana Jones

Add Laura croft in there as well

8 The Avengers vs Justice League

I WANT TO SEE THIS SO BADLY (by the way avengers gonna win)

Kang the conquer played by Kevin Spacey as the main villian would be golden. How else would the Avengers and Justice League meet each other if it were not for a multiverse time-traveling tyrant?!

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9 DC vs Marvel

My god this spectacle invention would gain to much money for anyone stan lee would have to burn it just to keep his bank from overflowing with cash

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10 Mr Bean vs Dumb And Dumber

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11 Star Trek vs Star Wars V 1 Comment
12 Drucula, Mummy, Frakenstien, and Werewolf vs Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Micheal Myers

I know someone came up with this already so give credit to him not me I just think it would be awesome to watch

13 Playstation All Stars Battle Royale vs Super Smash Bros

Apparently whoever "we" is wanted it so badly it's listed twice

14 Star Wars vs Halo

I know this will never happen probaly (don't take offense it happens to the best of us) becuase halo fans are sometimes too stupid to get their heads out of their butts and realize that a whole galaxy could beat a couple of planets (even the ring) the real reason is I want to see clones and a jedi vs spartans and master cheif with a energy sword enough said

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15 Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter

Never gonna happen. Capcom has outright stated that they don't want to put their characters in a situation where their heds could get ripped off.

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16 Super Smash Bros vs Playstation All Stars

Ok I know this will never happen can you imagine if cute tiny pikachu had a battle with kratos I mean for the love of god the diffrence would be to radical for most people but I could play the hell out of that game even thought countless fanboys would freakout about their console

17 Robot and Monster vs. Fanboy and Chum Chum
18 The Last of Us vs The Walking Dead

You all know Ellie is so much better than Clementine or Carl though

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19 Godzilla vs Jaws

I don't think this is ever gonna happen. Godzilla is WAY too big to fight a great white shark. He could easily step on it.

The JAWS film is better tan the original Godzilla movie, Godzilla is a far better and more iconic carácter though.

20 Crysis vs Heroes (TV Series)

What if: Emile Danko uses Nanosuit Technology (ignores retcons) to levels Playing Field Between ordinary humans and evolved humans? - Masonicon

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1. Kingdom Hearts vs The Lord Of The Rings
2. Crash Bandicoot vs Spyro The Dragon
3. Kingdom Hearts vs Harry Potter



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