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21 Super Smash Bros vs Playstation All Stars

Ok I know this will never happen can you imagine if cute tiny pikachu had a battle with kratos I mean for the love of god the diffrence would be to radical for most people but I could play the hell out of that game even thought countless fanboys would freakout about their console

22 Playstation All Stars Battle Royale vs Super Smash Bros

Apparently whoever "we" is wanted it so badly it's listed twice

23 Robot and Monster vs. Fanboy and Chum Chum
24 Godzilla and Gamera
25 The Last of Us vs The Walking Dead

You all know Ellie is so much better than Clementine or Carl though

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26 Godzilla vs Jaws

I don't think this is ever gonna happen. Godzilla is WAY too big to fight a great white shark. He could easily step on it.

The JAWS film is better tan the original Godzilla movie, Godzilla is a far better and more iconic carácter though.

27 Crysis vs Heroes (TV Series)

What if: Emile Danko uses Nanosuit Technology (ignores retcons) to levels Playing Field Between ordinary humans and evolved humans? - Masonicon

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28 Pokemon vs. Digimon

Nobody remembers Digimon. In my humble opinion, it is much better then Pokemon. Digimon came first in Japan, and Pokemon came next, but Pokemon came first in America, and that was the one that took off here. Digimon is the rip-off. Digimon dosen't make you feel like you are watching the same thing over and over again, and therefore, I think it is better.

But still this "Pokemon vs digimon is really good. I'd like to see it happen

True that but Pokemon has better people (in it) and better "Pokemon"/monsters and it still keeps on going
Unlike digimon has stopped and is old school...

29 Chucky and Leperchaun
30 Friends vs. The Big Bang Theory

That would be one of the greatest comedies in all of human history! Let it happen!

31 Pokemon vs Monster Hunter

This probably wouldn't work considering that Monster Hunter has blood in it and having Pikachu and other Pokemon fighting warriors from Monster Hunter would not work out due to the Monster Hunter characters having weapons which would result in blood if a Pokemon were hit by them

I wish there would've been a Super Mario World Super Show and Pokemon Indigo League crossover. Bowser and Team Rocket would be the main villains, and Brock would fall for Peach! LOL!

Three of the best monster capture games going head to head. This would be one of the most awesome video game crossovers ever.

32 Zootopia vs Five Nights at Freddy's

It should be a fan game called Five Nights at Zootopia, where you have to survive from animatronic versions of the Zootopia characters

Only if it ends with the Fazbear gang violently killing those preachy varmints

You idiot! FNAF is cancer! Zootopia is one of the best Disney movies of all time besides Big Hero 6

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33 Inside Out and Zootopia

Let's not ruin a great movie by crossing it over with what has already become even more overrated than Frozen ever was and is pretty much Tumblr the Movie with Shakira.

Too late! I already thought about it

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34 Godzilla vs Gamera

The 2 best best kaiju ever, in a battle to the death...

35 Good Luck Charlie and Austin & Ally

That will be pretty cool but "good luck charlie" is done

36 Pokemon vs Kirby
37 Doctor Who vs Back to the Future
38 Full House vs Family Matters

The blacks vs the whites.
The Cubs (Chicago) vs. the Giants (San Francisco)
The Bears (Chicago) vs. the 49ers (San Francisco)
I wish the producers could have made something like this. It would have been awesome. Although Steve Urkel did a cameo on Full House Once. - Connor360

39 Simpsons and Family Guy

That crossover story takes place between season 24 and season 25

40 Jak And Daxter vs Ratchet And Clank
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