Best Crossy Road Characters


The Top Ten

1 Hipster Whale

He is a whale that swims in water even though he can swim in poop water and golden water and blood he can swim in anything that's why he is so good

Got me high score of 345

It is the rarest I have it

2 Zombie

I always get my top score only by Zombie. That is why Zombie is my favourite.

Its funny whenever he gets hit by a car, his head falls off!

Greatest character ever made

3 The Dark Lord

He is fast and big, which makes you more cautious when using him

4 Unihorse

Has my current high score of 571 - over 200 higher than 2nd or 3rd (giddy goat and dark lord)

The unhiorse is fabulous goddamnit :3

5 Chicken

The chicken is bull carp

6 Swift Snail

Feels sooo good to move - Zachywaky

7 Baby Duck

Gangster bra

8 Mad Bull

He looks mad and jumps pretty fast

9 Crazy 'Ol Ben
10 Epoch

I got my top score with epoch I suprised that gift isn't up here

The Newcomers

? Turtles Turtles

They are good

The Contenders

11 Poopy Pigeon

He poops a lot

12 Dragon
13 Ghost
14 Piggy Bank

I think he is the best to use

15 Fish n' Chips

Amazingly tasty BRO

16 Doge

High score with him

17 Forget-Me-Not

He is very cool

18 XI

A really cool character for Chinese New Year. Has firework and houses

19 Psy
20 Giddy Goat

He is so funny

21 Crab

He is super fast an fun to use

22 Drop Bear
23 Andy Sum

He should be #1

24 Gifty
25 Fortune Chicken

The best in my opinoin

26 Matt Hall

He is very fast.

27 Black Sheep
28 Sweet Sheep
29 Tasso
30 Nessy
31 Pac-Man Pac-Man Pac-Man is the protagonist fictional character of the franchise of the same name by Namco, who was first introduced in the Japanese arcade game Pac-Man on May 22, 1980 in Japan, later released in the United States in October the same year.

so good

32 Disco Zoo
33 Nessie
34 Wolf
35 Specimen 115
36 Big Fat Pig
37 3.1
38 Vampire
39 Skip
40 Pew Die Pug
41 Pac-Chicken
42 Festive Chicken

Really easy and fast

43 Easter Bunny
44 Piper
45 Emo Goose
46 Yeti

He is the best 'cause he throws snowballs at things!

47 Dinosaur
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