Most Cruel Ace Attorney Villains

The Top Ten Most Cruel Ace Attorney Villains

1 Dahlia Hawthorne
2 Matt Engarde

And I thought of Redd White to be a complete scoundrel (which he actually is).
Matt Engarde makes him look like a harmless kid in comparison!

My favorite villain this is why he's so cruel:
hired de killer and told him to keep maya hostage and blackmailed him also cause celeste inpax to kill herself

3 Redd White
4 Damon Gant

He impaled his victim on the sword! What more needs to be said?

5 Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in
6 Paul Atishon
7 Shelly de Killer
8 Manfred Von Karma

i hate him

He's a jerk. - EvanTheNerd

9 Kristoph Gavin
10 Roger Retinz

The Contenders

11 Aristotle Means
12 Florent L' Belle

Killing the alderman and framing Mayor tenma. - Mattblue66

He's one of my favorite villains but I don't see him as being overly cruel - Aceattorneyfan

13 Russell Berry

Russell Berry might not be a main villain, but I didn't really care about his death, since he was no better than Acro at all.
Russell Berry took a circus lion and shot it! That was a heinous, evil crime!
If that isn't cruel, then what is?
His family and co-workers may have liked him because they were close to him, but killing an animal just because it doesn't understand is a crime that shouldn't remain unpunished.
However, since he was the murder victim in Turnabout Big Top, he will never be tried for his crime, either.

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