Top Ten Most Cruel Baby Names of All Time


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21 Idiot Pie Pie Penguin FireTruck

Ok this is just getting ridiculous,I mean these are just usernames on a game!

XDDD LOL! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

22 Eggplant Smasher
23 North West

Reminds me of Pacifica, whom I hate

24 Earth

I like this name

25 Batman Bin Suparman

Oh yeah.. on that ID card?

I would name my kid this! - AngryByrd

26 Tahula Does the Hula from Hawaii

Let's sing happy birthday to Tahula Does The Hula From Hawaii! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Tahula Does the Hula From Hawaii, Happy birthday to you!

So terrible. - funnyuser

I love love this! This is so funny. - Kiteretsunu

Can't stop laughing at this! Also, wouldn't it be more sensible to call the child Tahula? (I'm pretty sure it's a girl's name. ) - Wolftail

Like some couple legitimately tried to name their child this. WHATTHEHELL

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27 Caillou

Oh no.

28 Justin Bieber

That kid will commit suicide. - Powerfulgirl10

He looks like FRED.

I like this name

That's it! I'm done! - Officialpen

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29 Satan


That means he will hate Jesus O-O.

30 Mister Poops-In-His-Pants-a-Lot

And pee, too

31 Dora

So naming your kid after the main character from Dora the explorer which is one of the stupidest shows of all time isn't cruel?

My great grandma, suited her fine. She was alive before Dora - Lucretia

Dora was a name before the show and is still used now. - CutiePoops

That isn't cruel. In fact, That is NOT close to cruel.

32 Osama Bin Laden

Same as naming them Adolf Hitler

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33 Thing
34 S***

You do know that child whose named that will get kicked out of school right?

35 Thunder Twonk the Two Legged Monkey


36 Dick

Might not be the most cruel

But at this era in life you will get bullied if you have this name

Dick Van Dyke had this problem.

37 Facebook
38 MisterCityPoliceManSittingPrettyLittlePolicemanInARow

W T F? I'm lol-ing right now - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

39 Isaac Wieners
40 Puffball

Puffball From Bfdi:YAY! - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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