Top Ten Most Cruel Baby Names of All Time


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41 Silence
42 Xander V 1 Comment
43 Stupid Bro of Cupid
44 Mister Cute
45 Mars

So much planets...

46 Uranus


47 Mercedes Benz

Um that's a car... what? That's cruelty. - RockFashionista

In 6th grade a girl in my gym class was named Mercedes

V 1 Comment
48 Fire Penguin Disco Panda

This, I think, is the most random and the most bizarre. - PositronWildhawk

Inspired my handbell group to create Super rocking' Disco Panda

V 2 Comments
49 Gilabaratoryasickwa

What. The Flip. I'm going to make a register (like at school? ) for all of these names and make a school of weirdness inspired by stuff on some top ten lists. - Wolftail

V 1 Comment
50 Donkeyman
51 Treasure

When you name your kids this, you are pushing the luck

I saw a person named this in a random yearbook

52 Beevis Butthead
53 Willy
54 Barney
55 Lord of the Banana Shoes
56 Homeless Needy Desperate Hopeless

Don't call me needy! (slaps)

Those parents must've hated their kid so much... - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Needle from bfdi is gonna get angry if she hears this name.

57 Crapple

That parent must love cranberry apple juice

58 Apple
59 La-a V 1 Comment
60 Margarita
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