Top 10 Cruelest Things Women Do to Men

Women can be cruel, and they often do cruel things to men. Despite their reputation as the fairer sex, when it comes to relationships, sometimes women can be downright nasty.
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1 Withhold Sex

Fuadmondeo, I can't describe to you how much I enjoyed your list. Hilarious! Look, you all love it when women are giving you a hard time, admit it. There is a kinky side in men, that needs all these doubts, it makes your conquer more intense. As it comes to flirt, well, you must learn to tolerate it, because it's something natural. It's innocent when you don't give yourself away...I also smiled with your 'women emotionally manipulate men'. Come on! Why do you see caring and involving as manipulation? If she loves you, take care and be more sweet with your woman's caprices!

I could never do that, it feels way to good.

Shes allowed to say no, but this post is probably a joke.

2 Flirt to Inspire Jealousy

I never understood this technique. I mean, let's look it from a man's perspective.

So, you see a woman (and let's assume you developed feelings for her) flirting with another. What in the damned name of GYM would suddenly make you of trying even to flirt with her? She obviously doesn't like you, so time won't get you anywhere. If you flirt with her, you'll come as creepy. So, basically, you accept it and move on!


3 Criticise Their Men In Public
4 Don’t Disclose Their Relationship Status
5 Test Their Men

By 'test' We mean this (copied from Yahoo answers):

Why did my girlfriend get mad when I cheated on her?
she texted me saying "you can have sex with other girls" so I went out and did it with a couple of em.
now she's saying it was a typo and meant to say CAN'T have sex with other girls.

What do you mean by "test? "

6 Use Physical Violence

I could never raise my hand to my man - ever! It's all back rubs and foot massages. Can't say I'd be so delicate with the woman he cheats with though...

7 Emotionally Manipulate Men

Are you kidding me this should be at least in the top three cruel things that women do to men.

And how exactly do women do this? Witchcraft? *insert sarcastic thinking face*

8 Put Guys In the Friendzone

This shouldn't even be on the list. Honestly, you guys put yourselves in the friend zone. If she doesn't want to be more than friends and you keep trying to be, then you chose to keep going after something that isn't going to happen. If you don't want to be in the friend zone then don't put yourself in the friend zone. Go for someone who feels the same way.

The friendzone might be cruel, but you gotta think about it from the woman's perspective. If she really truly doesn't want to be more than friends, then leave her alone. For example, what if a girl you weren't into REALLY liked you and wouldn't take no for an answer? You would friendzone her too.

The friend zone is like relationship purgatory. You're stuck there for a long time.

The friendzone is worse than hell

9 Use Men for Free Drinks

So frikin true they can get any drink and then leave.

10 Use Men As Placeholders
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11 Don’t Pick Up the Phone

It's the worst thing they do.

12 Tease

They wear something hot and flaunt themselves, but they won't let you touch.

13 Make Men Seem Like They're the Villain

I always see this

14 Choose the "Bad Boy" Instead of the "Nice Guy"

well that's because bad boys are better in bed then the nice guy's, sorry nice guys.

15 Being Uninterested in Geeky, Nerdy or Dorky Men
16 Call Them Pigs
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