Top Ten Cruelest Methods of Animal Training at Marine Parks and Circuses

I'm pretty sure everyone knows how much of a dedicated anti-captivity I am. It's sort of my trade mark. So here are the cruel things the trainers use.

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1 Food Deprivation

If you check out my homepage, you'll see a former trainer at sea world reveals the dolphins have enough to survive, but not be satasfied. So this is like eating one sandwich a day, then you can't eat more unless you perform well. You'll survive, but you won't feel nice - ToptenPizza

2 Whips

I'd beat and whip the animal-cruel people and get the circus animals to take a dump on their faces and then turn them into Satan's slaves

This is extremely common in most circuses, unfortunately. They beat them so badly until they are too afraid of failure. As an Atychiphobe (failure phobic person) f u, circuses. - ToptenPizza

3 Chains

When elephants aren't performing, they are chained up for 23 hours a day. This is to make them more submissive to human trainers, and it's terrible. - ToptenPizza

4 Bullhooks

Elephants have sensitive skin, and the bullhook causes them extreme pain, elephants are taught to fear the bullhook at an early age. - ToptenPizza

5 Drug Them

What? Who TF would drug an innocent animal? That's f---ed up! Animals deserves better than cruelty from human beings. Sick world were living in!

It's supposed to make them more managable. How would you like it if people were drugging you so you would act diffirently? The fact they need to drug them proves they can't handle them, and shouldn't have them. - ToptenPizza

6 Removing Claws and Teeth

I've had teeth pulled and it hurts like hell afterwards, and that's with the anestesia. The animals don't have it done by dentists, they'll just knock them out and they aren't given any pain killers, and in my opinion removing an animal's claws is just wrong. - ToptenPizza

7 Beating With Sharpened Hooks and Clubs

This causes phsycal injury (obviously) and so much pain, it's not even fair, and the trainers are sociopaths, just saying. - ToptenPizza

8 Forced into tiny cages
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