Top 10 Cruelest Things Men Do to Women

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1 They Rape Them

I think that it is fair that someone else did this list in answer to '10 Cruelest Things Women do to Men'. Bravo to you, too. Well, from all that you wrote for this list, I believe certainly that raping them is the most vicious of the things that some men can do to women. I also believe that if a man's character is as cruel and mean as a woman's character, in the man it comes out in a more ugly, nasty and sadistic way.

Makes us men look bad. We are not all horny dogs. Some of us are actually good gentlemen. - ethanmeinster

This is why men have such a bad reputation, a lot of guys only see woman as nothing more than objects. - egnomac

You probably made this list yourself. You are such an attention seeker.

2 They Date Them for the Sex & Then Dump Them

Those same guys are the reason most woman hate Men, It's even worst when they get them pregnant and then leave them. - egnomac

This is worst than rape

3 They Expect Them to Cook Their Meals for Them

If a cook my whole house would get food poisoning. - XxembermasterxX

MUST! Not every man can cook - DK

I hope I never date a guy like this. - RockFashionista

4 They Flirt to Inspire Jealousy
5 They Don't Disclose Their Relationship Status
6 Criticize Their Women In Public
7 They Expect Them to Serve Them Hand & Foot
8 Emotionally Manipulate Women
9 They Hit Them

Nothing worse then woman beaters. Especially if the man is just being a bully, it's a little bit different but still just as bad but when a woman hits a man, it's wrong but most of the time women are smaller than men so most men can just over power them or if a small woman was to punch a man it probably isn't going to hurt as much if a man was to hit a woman with all his force. But men shouldn't hit women & women shouldn't hit men thinking they can abuse them & won't get a smack back because there a girl. When a man bully's and hits a woman half his weight & size though it is terrible. Not real men.

When a woman hits a man it's nothing but when a man hits a woman it's a big problem - DK

Your not a man if you hit a woman.

10 Use Women for Free Food & Drink

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11 Verbally Abuse Women

If a man says that a good woman is anything less than beautiful, he is sadly mistaken.

12 They Cheat On Them

Sex is a natural thing between a man & woman it's not a necessity if your Mrs is mad at you right now & doesn't want to give you sex then just get over it don't go looking for other girls to have sex with & ruin all that trust built in your relationship. Sex isn't even all that anyway.

Because the woman they are with don't give them sex - DK

There is no excuse for this. If the woman you are with doesn't want to have sex with you at the moment, then don't just go find some other girl(s) to have sex with. That makes it seem like sex is the only thing you care about in the relationship. You chose to knowingly be unloyal for a few minutes of satisfaction. Leave. And don't come back ----->

13 Bully Them

Men can be bully's and take advantage of a woman's softer, nicer nature & bully them knowing they can't do anything about it because He is bigger & stronger & if you step out you'll be answerable to his fist.

14 Oppress Women
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